Friday, November 14, 2014

Illness: Run or Not?

So after being sick last week, I got a few runs in - and promptly caught my daughter's horrific cold...again.

That either means I wasn't as better as I thought, or my immune system is in a bad spot. I normally don't get sick much, but it's possible that piling an ultra on top of a marathon was more physically demanding than I thought, according to my husband. Personally, I think I was overdue to get sick and I am just glad it happened after the big races. To show you have sick I've been, I ran 5 miles last week - total - and this week so far I've gotten a whopping 2 in....but haven't been tempted to run more. Between the baby being sick too and us not sleeping and the body aches that have come with this virus, I am just beat down.

I have to admit though, I'm nervous about starting back. I had planned to ramp back up to 25 miles this week...when I finally jump back in, am I going to have lost all my fitness by being sick? Have you ever had to take more time off than you wanted from running? How long and how was it when you started back up again?


  1. I am sorry you are so sick! :( I hope you get better soon and the sickness leaves your family!

    They do say running long distance affects your immune system (after the race), but it's never happened to me. :( I did have the flu last year though, which made me take more time off than I wanted. I think I took 5 days off and kept my mileage REALLY low in the following month :)

    1. We've jokingly renamed our daughter Mary since she seems to be our little Typhoid Mary this year. Haha!

      See, I'm not sure. I felt like the first halfs I did were so much more taxing on my body than this was - this was harder than a half at my current fitness level but for my fitness level then a half was much more grueling. But it's definitly possible. I still just kinda think I am overdue!

      And oof. The flu is rough! Yeah I imagine this month's mileage will be low despite running 50k on the 1st. Oh well! :)

  2. Blah! Feel better! I succumbed to a slight post-NYCM cold and skipped a run earlier this week. I swear we are like germ sponges after a marathon!
    Don't sweat missing some runs. I think a little break is good. That said, I've got a few Turkey Trots I need to be ready for.

    1. See I do too! A 15k next week on the trail and then my goal 5k. Eep!