Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Training 11.3.14

Monday 11/3 - Rest
Monday rest

Tuesday 11/4 - Rest

Wednesday 11/5 - Rest
Still sick, hello chest cold.

Thursday 11/6 -  Rest
STILL sick. Beginning to be convinced I will feel like death forever.

Friday 11/7 - Rest
I am feeling a tiny bit better. I want to go run, but after a lot of mulling it over decided that I was going to take one more rest day. This is the longest I've gone without running since being pregnant, and it SUCKS.

Saturday 11/8 -  Run || 2 miles || 21:13, 10:36p || treadmill
Not totally sure I actually should have been running, so I did two easy miles to see how it felt. It felt...okay, but my chest is still tight and hurts from coughing. 

Sunday 11/9 - Run || 3 miles || 31:28, 10:29p || treadmill
I still have a lingering cough but for the first time in over a week my chest doesn't feel tight. Still didn't push it - I wanted a long run, but kept it to 3 miles. I really wanted more, but decided a run where I felt good at the end was a better idea than pushing for a long run if my body wasn't up to it. There is always the next week.

Total: 5 miles run. 5! Haahahahah. I haven't been this sick in a long, long time. 

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