Sunday, December 14, 2014

Schaumburg Turkey Trot - Recap

Wow, I changed my mind - this is the latest recap ever! I think mostly because with my knee being injured I am trying not to think of running, so I forgot about this.

(Yes, my knee is still hurt. It's a lot better than it was, but I suspect I'll be off til January. Which really sucks. I want to vent and scream but they won't make a difference, so I'm just going to pretend I don't care and hope to start 2015 healthy and whole.)

Last year I did the Grant Park Turkey Trot 5k; this year the Schaumburg one decided to offer medals for the 5k so I opted for this one. It was close and in an area I've run many times before so I figured I'd know the course. This was my goal 5K - I wanted a massive PR. I'd been trading hard for a 26:xx and knew I had it in me. This was a point to point 5K which sounded great.

Well - then I fell and got hurt and wasn't sure I could run, much less PR. I went to the race and decided I'd try to run - I hadn't run in a week - and would see from there. Packet pickup was easy, ACE is super organized even though they tell you to pickup the day before because otherwise it's too busy (it never is and I have never had trouble with day-of pickup for ACE). The 5k started off promptly and away we went. I was determined to go conservatively because I wasn't sure what I could do with my knee hurting. The first mile was 10:02 with a 10 second walk break to reassess my knee. Hey, feeling pretty good!

The second mile though was ICY and I saw more than 1 person wipe out. Also, they took us over the high way, so there were this big ol hill-like thing! Say what?! On the way up I watched one guy in front of me wipe out badly. I stepped carefully - I did not want another fall. Mile 2 came in at 9:35 with no walk breaks. Hey, digging it!

The third mile was more of what came in mile 2 - more ice and it ended on another hill. Mean! But came in at 9:25. Hey, was I negative splitting this race? While injured? Yes, yes I was. I realized I wasn't going to have a massive PR but I had a chance to PR despite being injured - here is where I would have given it a finisher's kick, except the last .1 came in over icy snowy grass and I was lucky I didn't fall. Haha! But I finished in 29:55, which was good for a 1 second PR.

And the finisher medal was cute. Happy for an unexpected PR, but okay leg, let's stop hurting okay?


  1. Nice job on the race! I ran the 5K too and was so scared of slipping on that ice!

  2. That finale on the icy grass left a lot to be desired. I was dumbfounded when I realized they had us running on grass for the finish. Oh well, congrats on the PR! :)

    1. It really did. Not a happy camper! Thank you!

  3. Please don't pretend you don't care and ignore your knee! Please see someone and get help! It sounds like you really hurt it!

    Congrats on the PR and negative splits! I am happy you didn't fall! Yikes!

    Ha ha, I have only heard about issues picking up ACE packets in advance!

    1. No no no, I meant, don't care that I am not running! It's getting better with rest, so I'm trying to pretend I don't mind the time off. I definitely care that I hurt it!

      I am happy I didn't fall too. The course was gnarly! And yes, same! I always do day of with them.