Sunday, March 30, 2014

Training 3.24.14

Monday 3/24 - Rest
Rest day!

Tuesday 3/25 - Run || 4 miles || 43:06, 10:46p || 26*, felt like *9
Honestly didn't feel as cold as the windchill indicates. Splits 11:15, 10:34, 10:36, 10:35. Meant to do each mile faster than the previous but about 2.5 miles in I got stopped by a train where the gates went down/up/down up and it just threw me off my rhythm! Oh well, good steady run instead?

Wednesday 3/26 - Run || 5 miles || 1:00:00, 12:00p || Treadmill || Hill workout, 1:1 intervals
Treadmill is better than no run, right? Split into a 3 mile and a 2 mile due to baby naps.

Thursday 3/27- Cross training || 6 circuits (12 pushups, 30 R lunge, 30 L lunge, 20 calf raise, 20s wall squat, 10 squats)
Hey look, I remembered this week. Definitely felt intense this week, I was really trying to get the most out of every exercise.

Run || 3 miles || 31:12, 10:23p || 49*, felt like *39
Definitely felt warmer than the windchill indicates but it was also pouring rain, which is my FAVOURITE way to run - I've never ever had a run in the rain where I didn't grin like an idiot the whole time. Splits 10:32, 10:28, 10:12.

Friday 3/28-  3 miles || 36:31, 12:10p || 44*, felt like *39
First run with Miles in the jogging stroller! HARD work! Splits 12:34, 12:04, 11:49. 

Don't be fooled by the happy grin - he fell asleep half a mile in!

Saturday 3/29- Run || 12 miles || 2:18:16, 11:31p || 39*, felt like 30*
Last long run before Lincoln next week!! This was mostly a great run - I felt so good I was having trouble holding myself back and hit the 10k mark faster than I ever have before, by several minutes! ...and then the wheels fell off the bus at mile 11, so the last mile I think I walked as much as I ran! Yikes. I hope that doesn't happen next week but my legs felt so done!

Sunday 3/30 - Rest
Well earned rest day!

Total: 27 miles run. One week til Lincoln! The upcoming week will be a lot lighter as I taper..

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Battle of the $0.02: HipSsister v. Spibelt

(Disclaimer: I purchased both a SpiBelt and HipSsister. Neither company even knows I exist. My opinions are only mine!)

So, I had made a post (scratch that - this was actually on a weekly training log!) about needing a running belt. People chimed in; Kim recommended a HipSsister belt and Running for Oreos (sorry, I realized I don't actually know your name) plus a couple others in one of my running FB groups recommended the SpiBelt . Well knowing me, I couldn't make a I got both. (Actually, I bought both, and then won a free SpiBelt that I liked better than the one I bought because the one I bought was black with a pink zipper and this one was PINK, like hot pink.)

 And in the left corner, Camo HipSsister! In the right corner - hot pink SpiBelt!

So now that I have used both, I figured why not - I'm sure *everyone* wants to read my opinion on the two, right? So here's my run down.


 Horrible bathroom selfie. Sorry!

Pros - Stays put, wide zipped pocket so it's easy to fit big phones, fits lotttts of stuff
Cons - Only one pocket, so reaching for your phone can knock other stuff out

Appearance - Sorry, this is very functional, but it's throwing me back to the fannypack era!

Trial run: I wasn't sure what to expect when I put this on - I was a little nervous the plastic buckle would bite into my back while running or cause chafing or hot spots, but truth be told even with my heavy phone I didn't feel it at all and after the first 1/2 mile running in it I totally forgot it was there (until my phone vibrated and startled the crud out of me!). Definitely worked well and I can fit plenty of stuff in here.

Bottom line: I will definitely use this for runs in the future. I'm not sure I'd ever use it outside of running though, it's um...well, I'm no fashion queen, but this is definitely not an accessory I'll be reaching for to complete anything but a running kit.


Another hot bathroom selfie.Woot.

Pros - Super comfortable, stays put, 3 pockets so plenty of room (2 horizontal zip pockets, 1 vertical unsealed pocket)

Cons - Goes over your head to put on, the zip pockets are a litttttle bit too small to easily slide my phone in (although the phone fits fine in the actual pocket)

Trial run: Okay, so I'll start by saying I think the vertical pocket is actually intended for your phone, but I'm not comfortable putting an expensive gadget in an unsealed pocket, so I stuck it in the zip pocket. I was a little worried looking at these that it would ride or roll up as I ran, but I was super happy to find that it stayed firmly put for me. I was especially nervous because I'm on the cusp of two sizes, and went with the larger, so I felt like I was especially at risk for it trying to roll into a skinny belt. But after the first half mile, it may as well have been at home for how much I noticed it.

Bottom line: I really liked it, and I can see myself using something like this outside of running too. It doesn't fit quite as much as my spibelt so it's probably not for super long runs when I need to carry more than one pack of sports beans, but I definitely liked it. It comes in lots of colours so I have a feeling I'll be buying a second before too long to have one to match more clothes.

So there's my $0.02! Have you tried both? Which is your favourite?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Getting it done (with old equipment)

I've been meaning to put this post together for a while and it kept escaping me, but today, I'm spotlighting one of the tools in my arsenal for running with a baby. Running with kids is tough - balancing running while having an infant is one of the hardest things I've done. Babies are needy, but this my second baby and I have definitely learned some lessons, including - being a good mama requires good skills at self-care. Right or wrong, no matter how much you love your husband and how dedicated a father they are, in a typical relationship a lot of the parenting falls got it, mommy. No knock on my husband - he is a wonderful father. But I'm definitely the primary caretaker for everyone in this house, which means my time is pretty booked - and if I don't carve the time to take care of myself and my health, no one is going to do it for me.

Worth it though :) 6 months, 17 1/2lbs, 28 inches! My big boy!

So how do you fit it in? At first with a newborn - you don't. In addition to the healing you need to do after birth, whether you had a vaginal birth or a c-section, newborns are so needy and your sleep is so broken that you just really don't. I had my first post partum run right after Miles turned 6 weeks old (and it was hard! But that's not the point of this post...), and while I had aspirations of running 3-4 times a week again, or more, that didn't happen. Instead, once or maybe twice a week became the normal.

Gradually as he got bigger I was able to put him in the sling and workout on the elliptical with him, but it wasn't running, that's for sure.

Now that he's older and his schedule is more reliable, I can run when my husband is home to watch him or grab him as he wakes up from naps - but while that's the perfect solution for weekend long runs, it's not perfect for building up mileage. That's where today's tool comes in handy:

Were you expecting to see a jogging stroller here?

That, folks, is my love it - hate it - treadmill. There are a lot of disadvantages to it.First, it has no console. It is not an electric treadmill like you'd find in a gym. It's manual, which means the only thing that makes it move legs.

Second, no console mileage read out. So how do I know how many miles I've run? Well - honestly - I don't. At some point I think this had a battery operated console that guesstimated your mileage for you, but that was many owners ago. I guess, plain and simple, and I guess conservatively. I assume that every time I hit 12 minutes I've run a mile, so I run in increments of 12. With my current pace it's likely I'm hitting more than I give myself credit for and I'm okay with that - I figure the time counts no matter how "far" I end up going or what I end up logging!

And third, I can't get a picture of it that reflects this, but this thing is angled down...which means to run, you're running /up/. Not huge steep hill like running, but more like the soul-sucking gradual inclines that sneak up on you.

Oh treadmill, my treadmill...

But! It definitely has its pros. First, it was FREE. I got it off my local freecycle a few years ago, and promptly shoved it in the garage not to see the light for a while. But as I got more into fitness and running, this freebie started logging some miles with me.

And second, it's in my house. That means when baby boy is napping I can sneak a few miles in. Obviously I can't leave him, but those nap times are mine to use!

Third, it's inclined. Like I mentioned above. Hey it's a pro/con (cro? pron?) - because as much as it means it's harder, it also means, I'm getting stronger running on it. I suspect it's working slightly different muscles than when I run outside so maybe it's not exactly like logging miles outside, but running to a degree is running and being stronger here means I'm noticing that tackling those hills outside is getting much, much easier.

So yeah. My treadmill isn't fancy. It isn't one that I'd want to do a long run on, but - it does what it needs to, helping me balance motherhood with running and keep my body healthy and strong. So as much as sometimes I hate, I'm giving it props!

What about you? If you're a mom, how do you balance motherhood with being a runner? And if you're not, how do you fit workouts in when timing gets tough?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Training 3.17.14

Monday 3/17 - Rest
Rest day!

Tuesday 3/18 - Run || 3 miles || 26:00, 12:00p || Treadmill || Hill workout, 1:1 intervals
Went for 3! Felt tired, not digging it too much.

Wednesday 3/19 - Rest
My husband's last day home before being out of town for a few days, boo. I should have gotten a run in since I'm indoor bound for a bit, but I wanted the time with him.

Thursday 3/20- Run || 2 miles || 20:11, 10:05p || 40*. felt like 35*
First mile in 9:42, second in 10:29, really wasn't feeling this run; had planned two sub-10 miles but was just MEH at forcing myself to go fast. Did this in a tshirt and capris since I had to get out of the house fast to fit it in (my husband came home unexpectedly for lunch before leaving for his trip in the afternoon, so it was go like that or don't go...and I went...and it was cold! But it was only 20 minues..)

Friday 3/21-  Rest
A beautiful day that I wanted soooo badly to go run, but I had both kids, a lone, by myself, so no way to go out for a run. Can I say BOO? :(

Saturday 3/22- Run || 3 miles || 36:00, 12:00p || Treadmill || Hill workout, 1:1 intervals
Treadmill is better than no run, right?

Sunday 3/23 - Run || 8 miles || 1:33:44, 11:43p || 29*, felt like 28*
Ran with my husband! So very strange that this felt like a slow run to me - and that I had to slow down to let him keep up. It used to be I was always chasing after him..

Total: 16 miles run. Should have been 19, but I skipped a run day. Oh well! I also skipped cross training. Off week will go better. Two weeks til Lincoln!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pre-race nerves...really, really early!

I made the call and took the plunge, and registered for the Egg Shell Shuffle 5K. I've run this before, and nearly PR'ed despite being 3 months pregnant; the course is a nice. So I'm excited about it.

But also, I have a serious case of nerves here. I may have posted once or twice about working on 5K goals; I've been unsure whether to go for a sub 31 or a sub 30, considering how much I know that a sub-35 and even a sub 33 should be doable for me with the way my training runs have been going.

Sometimes I have awesome runs and feel like if I can push a bit harder sub-30 is within my grasp. And sometimes I have confidence busters where I'm not even convinced I can break 32, even though I've had training runs that are less than that! Running is SUCH a headtrip, seriously.

This pond was too pretty not to photograph on Sunday's long run, but unfortunately it has nothing to do with my 5K nerves...

It's funny, I  have a half coming up in 2 1/2 weeks - the Lincoln Half Marathon - and I'm not nervous about that. I should pretty easily bust into the 230s - and if I have a really good day I should end up with around 2:30 give or take. But it's a long race and it's my first post partum half and it will be what it will be! I'm not nervous about that. It should be a PR unless the wheels really fall off the bus.

But this 5K...oh yes, I am nervous about that! Possibly more nervous than training for a marathon. (Which, btw, my husband convinced me to throw my name in for the Chicago Marathon lottery, which opened yesterday. I will reserve judgment there.) I feel like I've worked hard for this and I am so nervous to see whether it will pay out...but it also feels so silly to be so nervous about a 5K when I'm running much longer than that each weekend!

I know I'm not the only one out there who gets more nervous about short races than long races, so tell me your story - what makes YOU more nervous?

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Training 3.10.14

Monday 3/10 - Rest
Rest day!

Tuesday 3/11 - Run || 2 miles || 24:00, 12:00p || Treadmill || Hill workout, 1:1 intervals
For the first time this felt - well, not easy, but not insanely hard. I must be getting some of my hill strength back?

Wednesday 3/12 - Run || 3 miles || 36:00, 12:00p || Treadmill || Hill workout, 1:1 intervals
Laced my shoes differently to see if I could avoid top-of-the-foot soreness for my treadmill run today since weather dictated treadmill running two days in a row. I've never been on my treadmill this long - and I had plenty of energy at the end, too!

Thursday 3/13- Cross training || 7 Circuits (12 pushups / 30 L lunge / 30 R lunge / 20s wall squat) || 3 circuits (10 squats / 30 calf raises) + 20 extra squats
Two weeks in a row? Gasp! Miles decided my last two circuits weren't difficult enough, so he woke up early to add 17lbs of resistance to my lunges, squats, and calf raises...

Run || 3.11 miles || 32:48, 10:32p || 35*. felt like 19*
All the wind made this a tough workout, it felt hard to catch my breath! :( Splits 10:53, 10:23, 10:24, 1:05.

Friday 3/14-  Rest
A beautiful day that I wanted soooo badly to go run, but my husband got home too late. Boo.

Saturday 3/15- Run || 3.26 miles || 35:40, 10:56p || 28* felt like more with the sun!
Punk the Monk 5K. Won't even discuss gear because I totally screwed up my laundry routine and did not have normal race gear clean. We'll just leave it at that...but the race was a ton of fun!

Walk/Run || 3.02 miles || 48:26, 16:02p || 26*, felt like 20*
Walk/run with my best friend!

Sunday 3/16 - Run || 11 miles || 2:12:15, 12:01p || 22*, felt like 4*
Very tough run, very windy and cold so the last couple miles were pretty grueling. Looking forward to a cut back week next week!

Total: 22.37 run, 3.02 walk/run, total 25.39

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Punk the Monk 5K Recap

So this morning I ran the Punk the Monk 5K trail race by Muddy Monk. As you may recall from yesterday's post I was a little nervous going into this race, and really I think it showed because not only did I forget to throw my race gear in the wash (I ran late Thursday and had to do child laundry Friday...long story, lol), I also forgot to charge my phone and bring my garmin. Great start! Lol. So while I charged it on the way there, I was still nervous.

I got there and we quickly figured out that - while supposedly parking was secured across the street - that wasn't actually quiiiite as smooth as we figured, so my husband dropped me off and drove the kids around until my race was over. Since this was a short race it was okay, but if this had happened at a longer race that wouldn't really have worked. Hopefully that's a kink that'll they'll work out as they do more Lake County races going forward, because I really really liked the trail we ran.

Packet pickup was a little busier than the last couple - more people out! - but that was okay, because the race was SO close to my house I still got to leave the house much later than usually. Start line was only 15 minutes away from me, which was nice. I did run into a snafu though...since I'm a season pass holder you give your size at the beginning of the year. The problem for women is that some of these are unisex shirts and some are not - and I wear a small in unisex but a medium in women's. I gave that info, but anyone want to guess what size women's shirt I got today? Needless to say it's a bit tight, but oh well.

I met my aunt at the start line (who I'd convinced to do a race with me, whoo) and things started off without a hitch. The course had some ice and some mud, as well as some very interesting frozen animal dung (which, while being careful to dodge it, did have me wondering what kind of animals frequent the clearly wasn't a dog...hmmm). I didn't have my garmin going, but I had MapMyRun and found out that it - loudly - announces mile markers, haha. My first mile, despite the mud and ice for tough traction, came in at 11:03. Not bad for a trail run!

The mud on my legs was much more vivid in person..

Mile two was much of the same, bringing with it wet feet as some of the mud gave way to puddly mud. Yay, wet muddy feet. Whoo. It came in in 10:44, which made me pretty happy, although I do remember thinking, "Whew, only another mile or so..." The traction made this a REALLY tough run - not nearly as bad as the previous months but definitely no road race; I could feel how hard I was working for that pace! We did get to run past a beautiful frozen lake though. The trail was really scenic and lovely.

This is a pretty picture, but I mostly look at it and think, hmm, my photography while running needs work...haha!

Mile 3 was pretty easy and clocked in at 10:38. I knew the course was long though - the RD had said 3.18, mapmyrun said 3.26. And the last stretch had a big uphill which, I'll admit - with .02 left to the finishline - I walked for 20 seconds. Haha. The last quarter mile came in at 3:00, much slower than the rest of the miles but man, that was pretty steep compared to the pancake places I usually run!

According to MMR my final time was 35:40 for a 10:55 pace. That's not a 5K PR but considering the course came in at 3.26 for me and it was on the trails with tricky footing rather than a flat fast smooth course, I was pretty happy with my time. I am not sure what my official time will be since they don't chip time, but I'm pretty happy either way!

And of course, another mason jar for my growing collection.

Yay, beer jars. Have I mentioned I don't drink, much less drink beer? I might be at the wrong races...

(As a note on yesterday's post, I talked to the RD after the race. The Lake County cops were there and seemed helpful and nice. Apparently Cook County did come by to talk to him today and gave him a $75 ticket. As far as I'm aware, that's the end of that and I'm a little confused why they needed me to give him a $75 ticket, but okay then. Race on and I can't wait for next month's race! I don't think I'll be doubling down, I'll probably just do the 10K, but I'm excited!)

Friday, March 14, 2014

Who's watching your blog?

So folks, do you know who's watching your blog?

I thought I did. I can name quite a few people off the top of my head who follow my blog, mostly friends and family and local runners in my area (with plenty of overlap in those categories). I imagine the same is true for a lot of you reading this with the exception of some the famous bloggers who occasionally comment here. *grin*

But I'll tell you what - the answer may surprise you. It sure surprised me.

Wanna know who found my blog recently?

Ummm...well, I'll give you a clue! Two Cook County police officers showed up at my door on Monday.

(Does any story that starts with "I was interviewed by two police officers" end well?) read that right. Monday after I dropped my daughter off at school and got my son down for his nap, two police officers from a different county than the one I reside in knocked on my door. (Woke Miles up from his nap, but that's sort of neither here nor there.) They made clear that I wasn't in any trouble, but wanted to come in and speak to me.

 Don't worry, he handled it better than I did.

Whoooooo boy. So, they wanted to talk to me about the Muddy Monk races I've done this year. (I didn't know this at the time, but I found out after they left that if you google the names of those races, I'm on the front page of results. And, apparently after clicking on my blog, one of the officers recognized me from last month's race.)

They had stacks and stacks of paper printed out. They'd printed out my blog entries, my pictures, race results from at least the Frozen Five, some stuff about the race listings, and more that I didn't see. They had lots of questions for me - confirming dates for races, did I recognize the race director, was that my line on the results sheet they'd printed, and a whole lot more that I'm forgetting right now. It felt like a verrrry long interview, and then they asked for copies of my emails to and from Muddy Monk, explaining that there was an issue with the permits for the races and a whole bunch of other stuff (something about the company not having liability insurance for one of the races and not having a permit for another? I will be honest, I was so freaked out by having police in my house - because that's for criminals!! dude! - that I only caught about half what they were telling me.)

Can I just say, yikes?? I think I've mentioned before, but I'm not really much of a rule breaker. I felt guilty running under a friend's race bib - and that's not illegal. In my 30 years of life I've had one speeding ticket and felt super guilty afterwards. My only detention in school ever was from too many tardies (which, long story, was outside of my control). Anyone want to guess how I felt with two police officers interviewing me about races I'd run?

That about sums up my feelings.

And the worst part was, they asked me not to contact the race director or blog about my experience until Friday! Friday! That was particularly anxiety-producing because when running a race causes you to get a visit from the police - and not in a friendly, hey good job running! sort of sense - you kind of want to contact the company right away. (Or maybe that's just me!) Let's just say I've slept fitfully the past few nights. Although, I did find it funny that the officer joked about being interested to see what I'd put on my blog about this.

I spoke to the race director from Muddy Monk this morning to give him a heads up that, yanno, running his race had brought the police to my door. (If I was a race director I'd want to know that!) There's another race in the series tomorrow which the police had told me if it was in Cook County they'd tell me not to go, but since it's in Lake they wouldn't advise me at all. So I sort of wanted to know if things were good and if I had a race or not!

And here's where I feel a little bad, because I startled the race director. The police had made it sound like I could contact and blog Friday so...I did/am. But the race director hadn't actually heard anything from them yet...But he did reassure me that yes, there's liability insurance (whatever that's for at a race...we sign waivers so I'm not totally sure?) and a permit for tomorrow's race and as far as he knew it was all good to go. The race tomorrow is in Lake County, not Cook.

So that was my adventure. Have you ever been startled by who reads your blog or worried about someone finding you from your blog?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Goals! ..goal?

Didn't I just make a post about goals? Yes? Well, here's another another. Huzzah.

See, the thing is I don't know WHAT my 5K goal is right now. I was aiming for a sub 35, but ran a sub 34 with walk breaks in the last mile on 2/12. So I was like - okay, let's go for crazy. I'm going to aim for a sub 33 on race day.

And then on 3/4 last week, this happened:

Splits 10:34, 10:09, 10:00, :55. That was run with no walk breaks. And I ran pretty hard - I didn't want to throw up at the end, but it was definitely an intensive effort. I wanted to give it almost everything, and I'm pretty satisfied I did.

But so now what? Kim asked me on my weekly recap from last week what my 5K goal is - and I don't know. The truth is, I set a list of goals after my first 5K - sub 35, sub 33, and sub 30. Sub 30 seemed like "real runner" territory back then and while I know that "real runner" is nonsense, it's still sort of an ultimate goal.

And I think unless the wheels really come off the bus, my next 5K road race should check sub-35 and sub-33 off my list.

Sub 30, it's an intimidating goal! But gotta work towards something, right?! *grin*

(And as a side not, sorry for being quiet the past few days. Something ... interesting ... happened on Monday that I have been asked not to blog about yet. I will have more details on Friday. I can say it's not good, but really only peripherally related to me. Bleh.)

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Training 3.3.14

Monday 3/3 - Rest
Rest day!

Tuesday 3/4 - Run || 3.11 miles || 31:39, 10:10p || 24*, felt like 20*
Compression + short sleeve tech + running jacket and running capris. Felt AWESOME! Splits 10:34, 10:09, 10:00, :56. Included a 9:54 mile from 2.1 to 3.1! :o I was pushing it for sure though, this was not an easy run - I wanted to see how fast I could go and I wanted negative splits.

 Wednesday 3/5 - Elliptical || 2.79 miles || 30:0, 10:45p || Course 3, level 3
Pushed it, feeling tense and wanted to work it out during a workout.

Thursday 3/6- Cross training || 6 Circuits (12 pushups / 30 L lunge / 30 R lunge / 20s wall squat) || 3 circuits (10 squats / 30 calf raises)
I blew this off again last week. Oops. I did it this week though!

Run || 2 miles || 24:00, 12:00p || Treadmill || Hill workout, 1:1 intervals
The hilllllls are alive, with the sound of me la la. I'm okay. My ipad is not. :( It's okay, my husband fixed it with a rubber mallet. Seriously. 

Friday 3/7-  Run || 3.5 outdoor / 1.5 treadmill miles || 38:10, 10:54p / 18:00, 12:00p || 28*, felt like 26*
I finally got up early enough to get a run in before my husband left for work! 3.5 beautiful miles out in the SUN! Then 1.5 miles on the treadmill to finish it up with some hill intervals. I need to remember not to use the treadmill two days in a row, it is so inclined the top of my foot is sore after using it a second day. Lesson learned.

Run/walk || 2.01 miles || 35:36, 17:42p || 38*, felt like 34* || Walk .25, run .125/walk .125x6, Walk .28
"Run" with my daughter :)

Saturday 3/8- Rest
Resting up for my long run the next day!

Sunday 3/9 - Run || 10 miles || 1:53:59, 11:23p || 39*, felt like 32* || No walk breaks!!!
An amazing run where EVERYTHING came together. My mile splits were pretty consistent, I kept it just...all...worked. It was amazing. New PDR for no walkbreaks!!

Run/walk || 2.25 miles || 41:44, 18:35p || 39*, felt like 32* || Walk .25, run .125/walk .125x8
"Run" with my daughter :)

Totals: 20.11 run, 4.26 walked, 2.79 elliptical - 27.16

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Feeling exposed... running clothes.

I have posted about it before, but I have been slowly buying more running gear lately - new shoes, a running belt, new socks, etc. Part of this is in preparation to start training for a marathon, some of this is replacing what was worn out (my poor waveriders...I have worn them thin, literally!), and some of this is adjusting to a body that just had a baby and has reorganized itself a bit.

But it's strange to me. For a very long time, I wore nothing skin tight. Everything was loose, baggy. I ran my first 5K in an XL cotton tshirt and baggy yoga pants. Seriously. I knew enough not to wear the race shirt, because that's a Runner's Rule.

 Eventually, I'd figure out that rules were made to be broken and to do what made me happy, however!

But I have always dressed to hide myself in recent years, uncomfortable showing any part of me or feeling like any part of me was worth showing, and so, even when it was practical, I just...didn't. I didn't wear shorts, or capris. I wore long jeans and long pants. I wore loose fitting shirts, jackets a size too big.

And it's not that I didn't know the stuff was too big, I did, but it's a good way to hide.

But I'm done hiding.

And it's not that I suddenly feel like my body is perfect or that I want to show off.

It's that...I (mostly) don't care any more. I'm buying running clothes that are good for running. No more loose clothes that catch on things as I run or drag or freeze in icy slush and get heavy. I'm buying form fitted clothes to run in because...get this...I am looking to dress appropriately for how I want to run.

It feels good.


But it feels a little exposed, too. I went out for a run in a pair of fitted running capris yesterday and I was a little bit paranoid. Not that I really expected anyone was looking at me, at least any more than the usual "Dude, it's -2 out, that chick is CRAZY!" But...there's really nowhere to hide in regular running clothes.

It's not a bad thing. But these capris? Sure are different.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Warming up!

Sadly, this post is not about the weather. Hopeful that kind of warm up will happen next week though - I prefer running in the cold, but I'll be honest, I'm tired of the snow! I did have a good long run yesterday, 9 miles in 1/2inch of snow and slush that made for a difficult run that was much more taxing on my quads than I expected, but I'm not even feeling sore today which is awesome.

Sadly, this is still life outside my window, at least this week. Lousy Smarch weather!

I was comparing that to how I felt last week when I did 7 miles that felt easy and fast, and I think the difference is - I was running with my husband last week. Which, don't get me wrong - I love company on a run. And it's time spent with my husband, which is awesome - it feels like there is never enough of that in a week. But he hates warmups and cooldowns. He did run a marathon last year, so he isn't a new runner exactly, but he is...luckier than I am? Sillier? He goes out and runs, and when he's done he comes in and resumes his day. I did get him to do a short warm up for our run last week, but there really wasn't a cool down. And I bet that's why my achilles was tight last week but wasn't this week after a more strenuous and longer run.

For runs more than 2 miles I usually walk 1/2 a mile to start with, although lately I've been adding some rolling squat-knee-hugs (do those have a name? You stand with your feet a part, bring a knee up to your abdomen, put it down and squat, then do the other knee, lather rinse repeat?) to loosen up my hips/pelvis and cool down for half mile walk afterwards, following by some light stretching afterwards.If it's a 2 mile run I'll do a quarter mile.

He can get away with no warm up or cool down - but apparently I can't, and next time we run again I guess I'll have to be stubborn no matter how much it irritates him. (He doesn't like running - he does it because it's good for him. I don't think he'd mind an injury that put him off running, if I'm honest! On the other hand, I obviously love running...)

What about you? What do you do for a warm up, if you do one? What about cool down? Can you get away with skipping it if you want to, or is it a must for you too?

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Training 2.24.14

Monday 2/24 - Rest
Rest day!

Tuesday 2/25 - Rest
My calf felt funny, so I took an extra rest day.

 Wednesday 2/26 - Run || 3 miles || 33:58, 11:19p || 10*, felt like -7*
Running jacket, compression top, short sleeve tech, tights + pants + hat. FREEZING but warmed up. I went out not knowing how my leg was going to do since it had felt so funny the two days before, but I felt fine and kept it easy. Who knew I'd end up with an 11ish easy pace! Not this girl. Splits 11:45, 11:13, 10:59.

Thursday 2/27 - Run || 4 miles || 44:48, 11:11p || 6*, felt like -5*
Running jacket, compression top, short sleeve tech, tights + pants + hat. FREEZING but warmed up. Splits 11:40, 11:05, 11:07, 10:54. Great run, but I slipped on some black ice .71m in and scored a gnarly bruise on my elbow. I knew the ice was there and was trying to carefully walk across it. Derp!

Friday 2/28-  Run || 3.12 miles || 44:03, 14:07 || 29*, felt like 21*
Walk/run with my best friend! :)

Saturday 3/1- Rest
I wanted to run but my husband was worried it'd be pushing it to run before my long run again. So I appeased him :P

Sunday 3/2 - Run || 9 miles || 1:52:30, 12:30p || 12, felt like 0* || Weird intervals - walked when I needed to due to the rough snow!
Really tough run - 1/2inch of snow on the roads meant it was sort of like running in sand. I had been hoping for much clearer roads, so I am really, really feeling this run.

Total: 19.12 run