Monday, September 29, 2014

Training 9.22.14 - Chicago Marathon W17

Monday 9/22 - XT || 2.83 miles || 30:00, 10:36p || Course 1, Level 3
Easy recovery workout, although honestly, I am not sure I needed it! 

Tuesday 9/23 - Run || 5.02 miles || 51:24, 10:14p || 48* and 90% humidity
I planned this as an easy recovery run so just ran what felt easy; apparently I felt good though because I was surprised by my pace at the end! 5.02/411.32

Wednesday 9/24 - Run || 4.18 miles || 42:02, 10:03p || 70* and 50% humidity
MRTT RNWL...temp said 70 but felt cooler than that. SO nice to run with company - this pace felt so easy while chatting the whole time! 9/415.5

Thursday 9/25 -  Run || 5 miles || 55:40, 11:06p || treadmill
Wasn't feeling great today, fighting a cold, so took it slow for most of the run. 14/420.5

Friday 9/26 - Rest

Saturday 9/27-  Run || 12 miles || 2:03:03, 10:15p || 65*, 50% humidity - evening run
LSD runs should be slower than this, but it was cool, it wasn't humid, and I went where my legs took me. 26/432.5

Sunday 9/28- Rest
This was a rest day, if you can call being out of the house for 12 hours to travel to and from a baseball game a rest day! There was literally no time to work in 30 minutes of cross training today, bu since it's taper time I felt like I didn't need it for recovery, so I feel fine doing it Monday. 

Total: 26.2 miles run. Haha, that .2 was unplanned, but how appropriate! Two weeks til Chicago!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

20 miles. DONE!

So, I did it.

20 miles. On the books. All done.

It was a beautiful run; cool, cloudy and breezy mostly. I did the first 16 miles with my husband because we're going to run Chicago together, so you know, train how you intend to race, right? Well, because I was with him I got brave and we took a new trail. It was filled with animals, it was so cool!

In mile 3, we saw a toad, just sitting in the grass, not bothered in the slightest by me getting close to get a pic. (Apparently on the way back it moved onto the trail and I nearly stepped on it, according to my husband! I would have felt awful!)

That ain't no leaf!

In mile 5, a deer! Just standing there, being all deer-like and munching vegetation. I didn't try to get close obviously, since it was huge, but I took pics as we ran by.

Deer butt!

That concluded the unique animal portion of our run, but it was definitely fall; my favourite lake that I post pics of occasionally is framed by bushes turning a beautiful crimson colour now.

So, most of the run was done at - obviously - my husband's pace. It's funny, because this used to be my pace, and he used to do his best to scale it down to run with me. (He whinged a lot, but I have to give him props - when we ran together he stayed with me.) He has been able to train so little this year that our places have switched and now I'm trying to stay back with him; he needs more credit, because it's harder to slow yourself down than I thought. We're doing the runs at about 13 minute miles, with his goal to do the marathon at around a 12 or 12 and a half minute mile.

It's interesting to think about, because his race pace is now slower than my training pace. Training runs with him ... by the next day, I am fully recovered. You'd think with 20 miles I'd feel it the next day, because after my 18, which was my slowest (and hated! because HOT! HUMID! yuck!) was 11:30ish, I felt it. I still felt fine, but I could tell I'd run. Right now as I write this, the day after the 20 miler, I feel...fine.

On the one hand, it makes me wonder if these runs are really preparing me to run a marathon if I'm not doing it with my husband...and on the other, it makes me wonder if Chicago is just going to feel like a long training run instead of a race. He's been encouraging me since the training cycle started to sign up for a second marathon close to Chicago, but I thought he was undestimating the wear and tear it would have on my body. With how I feel right now, and given that I won't be leaving it all on the course for the marathon...I'm beginning to wonder if I should listen.

I'm not ready yet...because I want to be excited about Chicago. But I am definitely thinking...

Monday, September 22, 2014

Training 9.15.14 - Chicago Marathon W16

Monday 9/15 - Rest
Monday rest day.

Tuesday 9/16 - Run || 5 miles || 51:17, 10:15p || New treadmill!!
I had planned a stroller run but the baby slept too long to get out on time, so I decided to try out the treadmill we got off a local fb yardsale swap for $100. It's a real treadmill, no more manual! Whew, this will be better when it's cold in my garage because for now, wow, hot with no breeze when it's 60* in there. Need to get a fan. But done! 5/372.05

Wednesday 9/17 - Run || 5 miles || 50:40, 10:08p || 65* and 80% humidity
This was supposed to be an easy pace but it ended up being my fastest run since my half at the beginning of August - it just felt so good to GO after how hard running has been the past two weeks. 10/377.05

Thursday 9/18 -  Run || 5 miles || 51:24, 10:16p || 60* 70% humidity
2 miles on the treadmill, then said forget it and did the last 3 outside. 15/382.05

Friday 9/19 - Rest

Saturday 9/20-  Run || 4.25 miles || 42:51, 10:04p || 65* and sunny!
Four Stars 4M trail race! 19.25/386.3

Sunday 9/21- Run || 20 miles || 4:11:11, 12:33p || 55* and breezy, mostly cloudy
20 miler on the BOOKS! First 16 with my husband, we averaged a 13 or so's funny to think that used to be the 5k pace, because it was so slow for that when he decided he had to stop at 16 I did the next 4 miles at a 9:50p because I had so much gas in the tank! TAPER! (And eat all the foods.) 39.25/406.3

Total: 39.25 miles run, no cross training this week because reasons. Actually, because trail race! I'll XT on Monday, although honestly, I feel great after my 20 - almost like I didn't run. Now to taper - 3 weeks to Chicago! WHOO!

Four Stars Trail Race - Recap

So I did my 20 miles yesterday and I want to recap it, but I need to do this first! So, on Saturday, I ran the Muddy Monk Four Stars 4M Trail Race. I was looking forward to it because the weather was supposed to be cool and cloudy, and I was going to keep it easy because I was planning on 20 the next day with my husband. Plus, I've never run a 4 mile race before. Spoiler: It was not cool and cloudy, but that's okay!

I drove to this race by myself because it was all but my backyard. Unfortunately, I nearly missed it - because my directions stopped a half a mile short of the actual turn, so I assumed I'd missed it and turned back. Oops! But I made it, picked up my shirt and bib (it's a nice tech shirt - white and light blue, and a shirt I'll actually use, so score!), used the portopotty and hopped into the crowd to wait for the race to start...with about 30 seconds to spare. I'm not kidding, I cut this one close, but I made it!

My plan was to keep it really easy and/or run walk if it race day enthusiasm got the best of me. We were in the Old School Forest Preserve and they warned us we'd be running up and down the Sled Hill, but somehow, the impact of that was lost on me until we got there.

Hill perspective!

I actually had fun doing that hill the first time. I joked with someone next to me that running up that hill was like running in slow motion, but she stopped to walk and I think she thought I meant her walking. Oops. I'm not a rude person, I would never criticize someone for walking, I promise!  I ended up walking part of the downhill because it was so steep anyway, but the rest of that mile went nice and smooth. 10:50 first mile.

The second mile was pretty easy, came in at 9:50 and not much to say although, I saw the overall winner coming through when I wasn't quite halfway through the second mile. Wow, she was fast! It was warmed and sunnier than I expected - I had on a thicker tighter tank than I would have planned if I'd realized it would be warm, but I was doing fine. The course was nice, mostly flat and the woods were pretty...although someone was joking about bears at one point. I didn't know while until I ran past a pile of excrement larger than my head. Oh my!

I had my handheld so skipped the water stop at the turnaround point, which means they didn't catch my pic here, so you'll have to take my word on it, haha! The sun was irritating but there was intermittant shade and I wasn't run walking, but I wasn't doing a good job keeping it easy, either. I wasn't pushing, but the third mile came in at 9:40.

The fourth mile I was just like, okay, last mile, and I kicked it. It came in at 9:15, but I forgot two, they had told us the course was long (he said .02, but I came up with much longer than that so I wonder if I misheard or the RD misspoke, not that it really matters). And two, we had to go up that hill again! I walked it this time, because mile 4 beeped in for me at the foot of that hill and I was just like, forget it! Haha.

Finish line! Photo courtesy of Muddy Monk FB.

But I booked it to the end after that, for a final finish of 42:51.
Usually I'd add a pic of the finisher glass group, but I forgot. So here's one of me getting my glass instead?
 Photo courtesy of Muddy Monk FB.

Next up, unless I sneak in a local 5K, is the Chicago Marathon...but more on that tomorrow when I write about my 20 miler, the keystone run of my marathon training!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Training 9.8.14 - Chicago Marathon W15

Monday 9/8 - Rest
Monday rest day.

Tuesday 9/9 - Rest
Unplanned rest day, up all night with the baby and felt sick myself in the morning. 

Wednesday 9/10 - Run || 5 miles || 50:40, 10:08p || 65* and 80% humidity
This was supposed to be an easy pace but it ended up being my fastest run since my half at the beginning of August - it just felt so good to GO after how hard running has been the past two weeks. 5/342.05

Thursday 9/11 -  Run || 8 miles || 1:19:28, 9:55p || 50* 40% humidity
Fall is here, my first chilly run! SO nice. 13/350.05

Friday 9/12 - 5 miles || 52:33, 10:31p || 49* and rainy/windy
First stroller run in a while! Man, I forgot - it's harder than running by myself! 18/355.05

Saturday 9/13-  Run || 12 miles || 2:13:59, 11:09p || 52* and 40% humidity
9.5m with my best friend on her bike next to me, 2.5 on my new treadmill! Found it second hand but barely used on my local garage sale site, for a fraction of buying it new. SCORE!  30/367.05

Sunday 9/14- XT || 2.87 miles || 30:00, 10:27p || Course 1 Level 3
Hey look, I cross trained this week!  

Total: 30 miles run. Next week is 3 easy runs and my 20 - and then I taper! Oh. My. Gosh. I can't even explain the emotions. Almost there! Although, it will be interesting to do the marathon slower than my training pace has been since it will be at my husband's pace. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Training 9.1.14 - Chicago Marathon W14

Monday 9/1 - Rest
Monday rest day.

Tuesday 9/2 - Run || 5 miles || 50:40, 10:08p || 65* and 80% humidity
This was supposed to be an easy pace but it ended up being my fastest run since my half at the beginning of August - it just felt so good to GO after how hard running has been the past two weeks. 5/308.05

Wednesday 9/3 - Run || 5 miles || 49:10, 9:50p || 79* 60% humidity
Group run with Moms Run This Town! Felt great. 10/313.05

Thursday 9/4 - Run || 5 miles || 53:00, 10:36p || 70*, and 80 humidity
I don't like humidity..last night's run was nicer!. 18/318.05

Friday 9/5 - Rest
Friday rest day. 

Saturday 9/6 -  Rest
Rest, switching long run to Sunday to run with my husband.

Sunday 9/7- Run || 19 miles || 3:59:55, 12:37p || 75* and 40% humidity
Trial long run with my husband...we are running Chicago together, so this was our first time getting a long training run in together to see how it goes. We ran the first 14 miles together - he'd already run 5, and then I ran 5 solo after (staggered due to childcare). His pace is a lot slower than I realized, I don't even feel like I ran 19 miles; it was a 13:30 pace for the first 14 miles and then I ran the last 5 @ 9 1/2..which is too fast, but I was kind of eager to just run and be done lol. 34/337.05

Total: 34 miles run. Only my 20 miler left - next week is a cut back week to 12, then 20, then back to 12...Chicago is coming! 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Training 8.25.14 - Chicago Marathon W13

Monday 8/25 - XT || 2.72 miles || 30min || Course 1 Level 3
Normally a rest day but did long run on Sunday so XT today.

Tuesday 8/26 - Run || 5 miles || 56:05, 11:13p || 72* and 95 humidity
Felt like I could touch the air. So. Hard. 5/313.8

Wednesday 8/27 - Run || 8 miles || 1:26:49, 10:51p || 70* 60% humidity
This was proof that the humidity is really what's killing me - this run felt effortless. If my tummy didn't cramp up due to emotional eating all day, this could have been the full 8 miles and it would have flown!  As it is I did 4, had a bathroom emergency, did a slow mile with my 5 year old, put the kids to bed, and then did my fastest 3 miles in weeks because I just felt so great. 13/318.8

Thursday 8/28 - Run || 5 miles || 53:00, 10:36p || 70*, and 80 humidity
I don't like humidity..last night's run was nicer!. 18/290.8.

Friday 8/29 - Rest
Friday rest day. 

Saturday 8/30 -  Run || 2.05 miles || 24:39, 12:01p || 76 and 99% humidity
This was supposed to be my long run, but 2 miles in my body could not tolerate it; the humidity hit me to the point where even breathing was a challenge. For only the second time this training cycle I cut a run short. I mean, that pace was the very best I could do for 2 miles - it was that bad out. 20/292.85

Sunday 8/31- Run || 10.2 miles || 1:53:00, 11:04p || 80* and 70% humidity
This was supposed to be 13 miles, but at 10.2 I couldn't keep my hr low enough - netter than yesterday's run, but I decided it was a cutback week anyway; in the long term killing myself over the last 3 miles wasn't going to get me any further in the marathon. This heat wave sucks, but hey - I ran 10.2 miles in 80* - and kept the same pace I used to keep when running 5Ks. I could feel defeated that I felt I needed to cut it - but instead, I choose to feel optimistic that I have come so far! 30/303.05

Total: 30.25 miles run. I didn't cross train this weekend because I ran on both weekend days, and I think the slow jog in the heat I did Saturday counts! Tomorrow starts week 14!