Friday, April 24, 2015

(really late) Chiller 5K Recap

So this goes way back to 12/13/14, but I "ran" the last of the 2014 Muddy Monk series, which was a 5k/10k. Due to the tear in my knee I opted for the 5k...and if I hadn't wanted the series shirt I would have skipped it, since I was still hurting so badly from the fall at the Dirty Turkey 15k the month before. If I had been smart, I probably would have skipped entirely, but I'm rarely accused of that. It was beautiful for December, felt more like fall than winter, which was nice.

I had planned to take it easy and still over estimated how well I'd be moving. Due to crowding I ended up parking almost half a mile away and knew from how my knee felt walking it wasn't going to be a good run. Fortunately (haha) I also overestimated how easy the race would be - it was a 5k after all, but well, it was Muddy Monk. As he got us ready to start, the RD told us about the course being long and some difficult part of the course that made me roll my eyes. Easy 5k to end on, huh self? Noppppe.

We were off shortly after and my knee pretty much said "Nope." The first mile was okay, but the second and third miles were mostly walked (or climbed, as the case may be), so there's not a lot to say here other than - I survived, the course was beautiful, and I finished the series.

This was even steeper than it looked - I was hauling myself up by my arms at points!

Wait, actually, one more thing to say. The course was long, so why did we have a hill to literally climb up and scuttle down where the point was literally get to the bottom and turn back up? I get the need to do that to add length to get to 5k, but this was almost 3.7 by my watch!

"Running" through the finish retrospect, an act of vanity, since not much running occurred. Walking would have reflected on the day more accurately. (Photo courtesy of Muddy Monk)

Anyway, I ended up finishing in 1:00:57 - my slowest 5k ever, and probably the one I least should have run ever. On a funny note, I met the RD at the finish line to get my series shirt and he asked me if I fell again - apparently from climbing the hill, I had streaks of mud on my face. Haha! Mud is sexy though, right?


And then of course, the best part of the day - smores! Which, I don't eat marshmellows, but the fire was nice and I ate graham crackers and chocolate.

Mmm, fire.

In the end, I think the Muddy Monk season pass ended up being a really great christmas gift. I am sad I hurt myself and didn't get to enjoy the end of the series as much as I'd hoped (and got knocked out of running for months, but that isn't pertinent here!) but I really enjoyed it. While I totally understand and empathize with their decision to cut down to four races in 2015, it's a huge bummer because I really looked forward to each of these races. I already missed one of the 2015 races due to my knee and 2 of them are way out in Mokena so I don't know if I'll be able to swing that this year, but at least I'll see Muddy Monk again at the Nearly Sane Half this summer...until then, so long and thanks for all the glasses, MM! You were fantastic.

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