Monday, June 15, 2015

Milwaukee Marathon Training Week 2 - Recap!

And week 2 is done. Where did it go? I'm already at my first cutback week, sheesh!

Here's how my week went down -

Monday 6/1 - 3m @ 10:05p. in 65*. I shouldn't have gone this fast, but I felt like it!

Tuesday 6/2 - 5m @ 10:59p in 65*. More humid than yesterday, I felt much more tired than the day before. Could be a sleep issue though.

Wednesday 6/3 - 3m @ 10:38p. Treadmill run in my non-temperature controlled garage. It was 87* and sunny outside - I didn't have the sun but wow did I have the heat. Holy heck!

Thursday 6/4 - rest! Whew.

Friday 6/5 - 3m @ 9:59p. Umm, I felt like going fast again? 59* and overcast - if only all my runs could be at this temp!!

Saturday 6/6 - 9m @ 11:29p. Ugly run. I was expecting 65 and overcast, but it turned out to be low 70s and brutal sun with a real feel of 80 and high humidity. I was beating myself up over this feeling worse than my 81* long run last week until I saw the revised weather forecast. Brutal confidence buster!

Sunday 6/7 - Cross training! 2.5m walk with the family and 30 minute of elliptical

23 miles run, 2.5m walked, 2.7m ellipticalled. I ran, I crossed, I mostly felt stronger than last week, and I had a heck of a mean long run. Here's to cutback weeks!

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