Sunday, June 21, 2015

Milwaukee Marathon Training Week 3 - Recap!

And week 3 is done. Cut back recovery week accomplished - time to level up!

Here's how my week went down -

Monday 6/15 - 3m @ 10:13p. in 70*. Rain run! Finally! Oh gosh, these are great. My son kept me up all night and I almost skipped the run but I am so glad I didn't; these are good for the soul.

Tuesday 6/16 - 5m @ 10:13p in 65*. Patches of sun but mostly cooler with a breeze...except that my stomach was freaking angry and 3 miles in I had to stop for an emergency potty break. Eek. No bueno! But the stop jazzed me up for two 9:30 miles to end the run.

Wednesday 6/17 - 3m @ 10:22p in 57*. Overcast and breezy. I meant to do this at a 10:30-10:40 pace but I realized I math'ed myself into a corner and if I didn't pick up the pace I'd be late getting back to the house to let my husband go back to work so ended with a 9mm.

Also started my #plankaday plank-streak. ....may it last a while! 1:02 to start me off!

Thursday 6/18 - rest! Except of course, my plank-streak. 1:01! I did forearm today since I read that is more challenging for your core. Dang, this is hard! But I can do it. In fact, I can even go for doubles today.

Friday 6/19 - 3m @ 10:13p. Mid 50s, nice and cool. Felt great the whole time. 10:13 appears to be my pace this week. Followed up with a 1:01 plank!

Saturday 6/20 - 6m @ 10:06p. The hot runs killed my last couple long runs, so today I was bound and determined to find temps I could tolerate. It required getting up at 5am, but I got my run in low 50s - totally worth it. It was in fact so nice I went way faster than I should have...but hey.

Plank streak day 4 - 1:01! Had my husband help me with form.

Sunday 6/21 - Today we went for another family walk, 2 miles this week with stops for my 6 year old to climb ladders and monkey bars. Fun walk, followed by 20 minutes on the elliptical, and of course, my plank streak day 5!

20 miles run, 2m walked, 1.84m ellipticalled. I ran, I crossed, I felt way stronger, I got up way earlier, and oh yeah, I planked. Next week is phase 2 of marathon training - midweek kinda-long levels up to 6 miles and my long runs will hit double digits! I am ready!

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  1. These training weeks are just clicking away for you! Way to get it in with our ridiculous weather!