Monday, June 29, 2015

Milwaukee Marathon Training Week 4 - Recap!

And week 4 is done - almost done with a full month of marathon training!

Here's how my week went down -

Monday 6/22 - 3m @ 10:40p. in 71*. 5:45 am, 71 and 95% humidity! Yikes! But I actually felt strong.

Tuesday 6/23 - 6m @ 10:39p in 67*. Very sunny! A few weeks ago this temp and sun would have felt brutal, but maybe I'm finally adapting.

Wednesday 6/24 - 3m @ 10:13p in 66*. Overcast made this run much more pleasant!

Today marked day 8 of my plank streak! Whoo! Still going strong!

Thursday 6/25 - rest! Which really meant no running, because according to my fitbit I still logged over 12,000 steps.

Friday 6/26 - 3m @ 10:47p in 65. Another 95% humidity run. Struggled a little more than earlier in the week, but still pretty happy with this run.

Saturday 6/27 - 11m @ 10:50p in 67. I miss the cooler weather from last week! This was super sunny, but I did okay. It was also weird becuase I had a comedy of errors when it came to gps devices; my son ran down the battery on my garmin without me knowing, so I only had a partial charge. At 4.5m it was done and I had to switch to my phone - but I'm still not used to the new fitbit app which does drain the battery a bit more there, plus it wasn't fully charged so that got me another 4.4m. I had to borrow my husband's phone for the last 2.1 miles! It was hot enough that I didn't mind the couple minute pauses to regroup every few miles.

Sunday 6/28 -  No family walk this week - instead, we went to visit my best friend in Indiana. We walked around the zoo for an hour and then I did some casual swimming in her pool for 45 minutes. I forget how tiring swimming is since I don't do it often!

26 miles run, 2 miles walked around the zoo, 45 minutes in the pool, and another 7 planks on the books. I ran all the miles, I crossed when I needed to, and despite the heat felt stronger than I did the first two weeks of training. Once again feeling pretty good about a sub 5 marathon. I can do this thing!!


  1. I am happy to hear you are adapting to the heat! About time, right? I feel like I am getting there, too! WTG on the planks!

    1. Me too!!! The heat sucks but it's getting more tolerable. It's crazy how high the temps are so early though! Glad you're adapting too. Heat is a nemesis!