Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Okay, this isn't running related.

Well quasi running related, because we all know the core is an important part of running. Strong cores = good form, right?


Well, my core was never ace - after my daughter and the unplanned c-section? Pfft. Sit ups and crunches? What-ever! And after my son...well...let's just say with the way he carried, my core is totally shot. Things I could after a year on my fitness journey were no longer possible. I'm struggling through a few sit ups now.

I need to fix that. I owe myself a stronger body. The core is important for so many parts of our normal daily life, and it's something I have neglected because well...running is more fun and it was  zero sum equation for me. But no more.

Starting today, I'm going on a plank-streak with the inspiration coming from #plankaday on twitter. This is my accountability post and I'll be logging it in my weekly training log. Sure, one plank a day may not do a ton for my core, but it's something I can commit to. Baby steps - eventually, it will lead to something bigger.

(And hopefully a stronger core, too!)

So here's day 1. You heard it here first, folks...this is my declaration of WAR. Weak core - out the door!


  1. Good for you! That is an awesome first plank! And there is a lot more you can do than that to strengthen your core when you concur the plank! :)

    We are going to have an opening in one of my strength classes Monday nights in July if you ever want to try it out! Sorry for the shameless plug ;)

    1. No lie, your strength class has been on my mind a lot. I had been thinking of your early class when I've been getting up early to run. What time is your Monday night class?

      And thank you! I've known my core is weak for a while but it just feels so weak that ever trying is hard. But I realized yesterday that I used to feel that way about running too, and if I was strong enough to do that...

    2. The Monday class is at 6:30 pm (there is a spot this Monday if you want to try it out)! Let me know if you ever want to stop by the Friday one at 5:00 am. Although that one may be full soon :)

      Exactly! You can build on it and get better and then you will notice a lot of improvements!