Monday, July 6, 2015

Milewaukee Marathon Training Week 5 - Recap!

And week 5 is OVER - already coming up on my second cutback week!

Here's how my week went down -

Monday 6/29 - 3m @ 10:30p. Treadmill...I overslept this morning, so treadmill it was! Went fine.

Tuesday 6/30 - 6m @ 10:35p in 65*. 95% humidity but I did okay - until I fell and skinned my knees at the turnaround point! Ouch! It was of course exactly around the halfway point so there was nothing to do but run back...

Day 14 of the plankstreak!

Wednesday 7/1 - 3m @ 10:27p in 55*. Super humid, 90%, but look at the temp for the first day of July! Wow!

Unfortunately I was so tired I fell asleep putting the baby to bed...and forgot to plank. Oops. :( #fail

Thursday 7/2 - rest! And I still logged almost 19,000 steps. No wonder I am tired!

Friday 7/3 - 3m @ 10:22p. Treadmill again but that's okay - my husband had a partial day home so we slept in together. When did 7:30a become sleeping in??

Saturday 7/4 - 12m @ 10:53p in 68. Another warm run. It started out in the high 50s but climbed pretty fast. I seem to be slower than I was last year, but other than the last two miles this run felt pretty good. I miss the cool weather but I guess I should be grateful these runs are going as well as they are, and hey - I got to see them set up for the 4th of July parade while I ran! 

Sunday 7/5 -  2 mile family walk and 20 minutes on the elliptical. It was really hot or I would have done more on the elliptical but 20 minutes had me drenched in sweat. Yuck, heat. 

27 miles run, 2 miles walked, 1.89 miles ellipticalled, and 2 more planks...uh, need to get back onto the planks. All in all though it was a pretty solid week. 

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