Monday, July 13, 2015

Milwaukee Marathon Training Week 6 - Recap!

Wow, week 6 is over already - I'm 6 weeks into this training cycle and the marathon is less than 3 months away. SAY WHAT?! 

Here's how my week went down -

Monday 7/6 - 3m @ 10:17p in 66*. 92% humidity, yuck. As usual my first mile was slow (11:30ish range?) but my second two miles hovered in the low 9s. I dunno what is up with the slow first mile but that seems to be my thing lately. Whatever works. 

Tuesday 7/7 - 6m @ 9:46p in 55*. Rained for most of the first 4 miles. I love running in the rain, I swear I'm a totally different runner when it rains. This pace didn't even feel hard until the rain let up for the last two miles, but I didn't feel like slowing down. 

Wednesday 7/8 - 3m @ 9:54p in 55*. 75% humidity felt like no humidity at all with how high it's been lately - this run was a dream. My third mile was an 8:56, which marks the very first sub-9 mile I've run since I tore the cartilage in my knee last November. Can I get a whoo?!

Thursday 7/9 - rest! Ish. The one thing the fitbit has really shown me is that the baby keeps me on my feet all the dang time, since I logged over 20,000 steps today...with no run. Oy!

Friday 7/10 - 4m @ 10:14p in 62*. Beautiful and breezy. I actually wasn't sure how many miles to run...Hal Higdon's Novice 2 plan has the day before long run as a rest day, and Intermediate 1 has it as another "kinda-long" run...but I'd been matching this day to my short runs. Next week those jump to 4, so I just kind of went with that. Actually felt really good and this was in my Hokas, which I am sort of on the fence on and usually really slow in. 

Saturday 7/11 - 9m @ 10:28p in 60-67. Super humid, but actually a nice little run. Funny that 9 is already "little". It was gorgeous out...I really think the key to success for these long runs is just going to be getting up at stupid o'clock, because this one went fine and I felt pretty strong. Stronger and faster than the May half I did!

Sunday 7/12 -  2 mile family walk and 45 minutes gardening (think lots of squats...darn those weeds). I meant to elliptical too but did not count on the baby taking over an hour to get to bed. Sheesh! 

25 miles run, 2 miles walked, 45 minutes weeding, and oops, no planks...uh, need to get back onto the planks. Nice cutback week, but now the real stuff begins...long run of 14 next. Gulp! AND my midweek kinda-long goes to 7. That just feels like a lot for a weekday.

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