Monday, July 20, 2015

Milwaukee Marathon Training Week 7 - Recap!

It's shocking to me that I am now 7 weeks into marathon training. Like, what?? The marathon is only a little over 2 months away??

Here's how my week went down -

Monday 7/13 - 4m @ 10:23p in 70*.I did the first mile in 11:28 on the treadmill because I had dairy the night before and my stomach was threatening to rebel - but then I realized it was pouring outside and just could not resist doing the other 3 miles outside at a 10:01p. The rain was so heavy it was like running in a shower - it was hot but the rain kept you from feeling it. Amazing.

Tuesday 7/14 - 7m @ 10:47p in 74*. 80% humidity or this could have been a lot worse but it felt pretty rough as it is. I survived only because it was 100% overcast and I was shaded by the trees too. Uck. 

Wednesday 7/15 - 4m @ 10:52p in 60*. Again with the lower humidity - this recovery run felt easy...which means when the humidity comes back I am doomed. 

Thursday 7/16 - rest! "rest"

Friday 7/17 - 4m @ 11:15p in 75*. 96% humidity. Yep, I knew I was doomed. At the end of this run, with conditions forecast to be identical the next day, I wondered how I could ever add 10 more miles on top of this.

Saturday 7/18 - 12.4m @ 11:09p in 71-76. Super humid, and the answer to yesterday's question was I could not safely add the last 1.6. I ran with a group and we were all just beat down by the high heat index and humidity plus intermediate strong sun. I walked another 2 miles to get past 14 but I didn't run them. It is what it is and I did the best I could for the conditions. 

Sunday 7/19 -  2 mile family walk and 5 hours walking around the carnival with kids. That counts as cross right?!

31.4 miles run, 2 miles walked, and still no planks. Derp. 

I'm disappointed I didn't get my full 14 long run in, but I know it doesn't change whether or not I will be successful in my 15 miler next week. It just is what it is and from here, upwards. 

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