Wednesday, August 12, 2015


I just went from having no races until October to having two in August and one in September. Hah!

Obviously there's Alaska this weekend (?! still crazy!), but on September 19 my best friend is race-walking her very first half. And of course, I have to be there, right?! I can't walk fast enough to race walk but I will be there to support her, cheer her on, and I have to run 13 that day hey, what the heck!

But in even more exciting news, I found out I am the lucky recipient of a free bib into Fort2Base from my MRTT chapter (Lake and McHenry county shout-out!). I am super thrilled about this because this has been a race I've been eyeing for a few years and schedules just never worked out. They didn't this year either, but obviously Alaska changed my schedule - which I forgot about until the free bib came up for grabs! I don't plan to race it since it's the week after Alaska, but it sounds like a great recovery run...10 nautical miles works out to about 11.5miles, which sounds great to me!

Plus, the medal is supposed to be incredible!

Pic from the Fort2Base site

And I've mentioned before that I am all about the bling...

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