Monday, August 10, 2015

Marathon Training Week 10 - Recap

I feel like time is going so quickly. 10 weeks down, 8 to go before Milwaukee, and Alaska is next daughter has two weeks before school starts, cooler temps are just around the corner..zoom zoom!

Here's how my week went down -

Monday 8/3 - 4m @ 11:20p in 66*. 90% humidity. My legs felt really heavy after the weekend's long run, but I felt okayish by the end.

Tuesday 8/4 - 8m @ 11:18p in 64*. 85% humidity. The cold is still wearing me out with random coughing fits but it's getting better and they're not as frequent. Maybe by the weekend I'll be healthy?!

Wednesday 8/5 - 4m @ 11:05p in 62*. 93% humidity. My runs have gotten faster every day this week though. Didn't Hal Higdon say you'd probably be slower by day 3 of this plan? Not that I'm clipping along or anything but in the humidity I'm feeling okay and by the end of the runs I'm usually in the low 10s.

Thursday 8/6 - rest! 

Friday 8/7 - 3m @ 10:47p in 63*. 97% humidity. I realized halfway through this run I probably needed to cut my mileage a little this week, so decided to call this 3 and felt pretty good about it. Finished feeling pretty strong despite the crappy humidity.

Saturday 8/8 - 9m @ 10:36p in 70*. 85% humidity - very sunny. I ran while my best friend biked. Going into this I wasn't sure whether I should do 8 or 12 - it depended which plan I looked at - so I went by feel. By the end it was super sunny - I decided to lay a little speed on in the end and threw some sub 10s in (9:50s in 70! Whoo!) and call it good; then we walked another mile together after putting her bike away. I felt really strong and was shocked to see my overall pace for the long run - especially because I definitely had a lot left in the tank at the end and I think I could have easily gone much further. A large part of that is I had my first run in weeks without having to stop for coughing fits! Finally kicked this cold to the curb.

Sunday 8/9 - Walked about 4 miles with the family.

28 miles run, 5 miles walked, and ...still no planks. Oops. Meant to restart those!

I'm relieved to have finally kicked this cold out with less than a week to go before's been taking a toll and I could definitely feel the difference on Saturday. Hopefully upcoming runs will be stronger!


  1. I am happy your cold finally left! Man, I HATE those lingering coughs!!!

    Nice work at the end of the LR!!!! :) I hope it's nice and cool for you in AK! :)

    1. I'm happy too - that cough was just so irritating and it was amazing how much it changed my ability to run! Especially because I otherwise felt okay.

      Me tooooo. I'm obsessively weather stalking. Right now they're predicting a high of 70 and with the way their weather works with the loooong daylight hours, it won't even hit the high until an hour or two after I stop running - with most of the race under 60. It's also supposed to be cloudy and rainy. Sounds PERFECT!!