Thursday, August 20, 2015

Marathon Training Week 11 - recap

Alaska was amazing. And Milwaukee is right around the corner. I suddenly feel like summer is almost over. Eek!

Here's how my week went down -

Monday 8/10 - 3m @ 10:37p in 80*. Treadmill. Garage with no airflow. Felt awful. Yuck.

Tuesday 8/11 - 2.5m @ 11:03p in 68*. 95% humidity. 95% humidity - I wanted 3 miles and my legs were like, you're stupid, go home. I listened to my legs and cut it early.

Wednesday 8/12 - 2m @ 9:38p in 70*. 70% humidity. Why can't all runs be like this? I felt like I could run an additional mile even faster, but I have a race this weekend and I am tapering, legs. TAPERING. Besides, yesterday you hated running. Today you want to speed off into the sunset?!

Thursday 8/13 - rest! 

Friday 8/14 - Taper rest day! Felt weird not to run! I stepped on the scale and my carb loading has me up the right number of lbs. Guess I'm doing it right?! Or something.

Saturday 8/15 - Traveling to ALASKA! I was supposed to do a shakeout run today but airsickness triggered a huge migraine, so I opted to skip it. Hopefully it isn't like, the keystone run before a marathon.

Sunday 8/16 - 25.24 @ 11:14p. Moose's Tooth Marathon! Yes, the course was a mile short. I was on track for a major mega hard-earned PR though! It was AMAZING! 

32.74 miles run and lots of uncounted miles walking around!

I can't believe I ran a marathon. IN ALASKA. 

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