Monday, August 3, 2015

Marathon training - week 9 recap

I guess I will call this marathon training recap until Alaska is on the books. Which, as of the time I am publishing this post, is next weekend. EEK. I am not an impulsive person. Why am I impulsing a marathon?!!?! 

Here's how my week went down -

Monday 7/27 - 4m @ 11:48p in 70*. 99% humidity. How is 99% humidity a thing? Combined with a summer cold I crawled through this run. Uggggggh. 

Tuesday 7/28 - 7m @ 11:01p in 70*. 92% humidity. Still have a cold. Still hot out. Still muggy. Guess it went better than's a shame it took 4 miles of a 7 mile run to find my groove though. Can it be fall now?

Wednesday 7/29 - 4m @ 11:42p in 76*. 83% humidity isn't as awful as it's been but it was hot, at least there was cloud cover. Apparently I am going to crawl through my runs this week though. I don't know if the virus or the heat/humidity is more to blame but I'm a good minute per mile slower this week. 

Thursday 7/30 - rest! 

Friday 7/31 - 4m @ 10:39p in 79*. Due to scheduling issues I had to do this run at night in ... wait for it ... 50% humidity! Oh my gosh, for the first time all week I felt STRONG, even with it being "feels like 83" at the start. I did this at twilight and the only con was that it was right before I usually go to bed...and there were a lot of bugs. I ate a few, I think. Protein, right? :( At least I didn't feel like I was crawling, this was an easy pace to keep!

Saturday 8/1 - 18m @ 11:24p in 81 dropping to 75 by the end. Started at 60% humidity, climbed to 70% by the end. After how well last night's run went I decided to try an evening run, and it had its pros and cons. I'm not sure it was really any easier. I had been hoping to keep this in the low 11s and I ended up more like mid 11s; most of this run was in the dark so I had to be careful where I was putting my feet and that definitely slowed me down. I'm okay with that though because this run didn't feel grueling even with the fun leftover cough you get after a cold (gunky throat, fun). The lower humidity and lack of sun was much more comfortable...but it was still really hot, and it was hard to run so late at night...I finished with only a few minutes to spare until midnight. I really wanted to rock this so I felt super confident for Alaska. I think it was a solid run, so I think I will be okay in Alaska - if it wasn't so late I could have gone farther tonight, my later miles were faster than my earlier ones. 

Sunday 8/2 - I mostly rested. I figured out the major con to running so late at night for your long run is that it skews your next day, I am usually tired after my long runs so I thought going to bed right after would make that okay...except the baby got me up at 5am so I spent the day wiped. We got a 30 minute walk in and I went to bed early. As of Monday morning though I actually am really happy with how I recovered - my legs felt a little heavy on this morning's run but I don't have any residual soreness/stiffness. I think I did good! 

37 miles run, 1.5 miles walked, and ...still no planks. Eh. Again. I am going to restart them on 8/3. If I plan it I think it'll go better than saying "eventually" and I think I'm not going to streak - I'll take weekends off. Streaking doesn't seem to be my style.

I had a solid 18 miler this week and it had me thinking of last year's 18 miler. Actually, that run has been on my mind since last week when I linked to it in my training log...last year that run went terrible; so hot and so humid I wanted to quit running and not run a marathon at all. I realized all of my run's have been humid this summer, but I haven't wanted to quit, and this run proved the 18 miles isn't magical...I did fine! So, I think I'm okay. Yeah. I'm okay. That's a good note to end a week on, right?

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