Saturday, August 1, 2015

Milwaukee (Alaska?) Marathon Training Week 8 - Recap

Do I still call this Milwaukee training? I mean, that's still the goal race but Alaska is sooner...decisions, decisions! Either way, I decided to step it up a little this week to get ready for Alaska. My training plan said 15 for the long run, I wanted 16 with the Alaska marathon breathing down my neck...especially after the fail almost-14 last week!

Here's how my week went down -

Monday 7/20 - 4m @ 10:25p in 67*. Only 80% humidity (only!) so this felt amazing after the horrible fail of Saturday's long run. 

Tuesday 7/21 - 7m @ 10:14p in 64*. 80% humidity and overcast. Felt amazing!

Wednesday 7/22 - 4m @ 10:25p in ???. I was sleep deprived and forgot to write...well...anything about this run. Writing on Sunday, I have no idea what I did or where I ran or how I felt. Oops!

Thursday 7/23 - rest! 

Friday 7/24 - 4m @ 10:53p in 66*. 90% humidity. I am so ready for fall. Humidity sucks!

Saturday 7/25 - 16m @ 11:27p in 71-81. Started at 95% humidity but fell to 80% by the end - I went slow, but I rocked this. Going into this 16 felt intimidating, so I decided it was really just four consecutive four-milers, and four-milers are easy. Runner math! 

Sunday 7/26 - Date day and at the end we ended up walking around for about two hours. I'm good calling that cross!

35 miles run, 5 miles walked, and ...still no planks. Eh.

I'm so glad my long run went so much better this week; it makes me think Alaska in a few weeks isn't quiiiiite so crazy. It's been weird to me my long runs are so much slower than they were last year - generally about 45s/m slower - but I went back and compared, my worst long runs last year (hello, horrible 18 miler that made me want to never run again) were the ones where the humidity was 90+ - which, has been almost all of my long runs this year and many of my week day runs too. I wonder why it's so much more humid this year - apparently, it kicks my butt...badly!

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