Friday, August 21, 2015

Post marathon thoughts

Anne would call this a brain dump and that sounds about right. My brain hasn't seemed to want to shut off since I crossed the finish line. So in no particular order, here are some post marathon thoughts -

1) I do regret I can't call it a PR. I mean, I would have PR'ed! For sure. No doubt. Even if I had walked the whole last mile. And I would have surpassed my B goal and my A goal and possibly even hit my pie-in-the-sky secret goal. But the course was short. By a lot. My husband doesn't get it, he says if it counts as a marathon - which I am fine with and I do think 50 staters should get credit for racing in Alaska - it should count as a PR.

If the course had been long I'd have no issues at all calling it a PR. But in my mind to PR it has to meet a minimum threshhold. Good enough for government work, but not for time goals! I'm okay with it, but I do kinda regret. Apparently they will be "adjusting times" which kinda sucks too, because I know when I figured out the course was short I stopped pushing so hard, and my husband paced based on actual mile markers. According to their fb page, apparently a lot of racers did too, allowing walk breaks they otherwise wouldn't. I don't envy the race because I'm not sure there is a good solution and people are gonna end up mad.

EDIT TO ADD: Yes, they provided adjust times. Link here. Apparently I end up with a 4:55. Not that I don't think I would have ended up there or better, but I still wish I felt like I had walked away with a legit pr. Ah well!

2) I'm really glad I ran the first two miles with my husband. That feels bucket-list-y, somehow. I knew I needed to race this one for myself but I love being able to reflect on running two absolutely beautiful miles with him. Pointing to mountains and having him be just as excited as I am. Asking, "Is that the OCEAN?!" and him getting it. (I hadn't seen the ocean since I was a little girl.) Being able to laugh and go "WE'RE RUNNING IN ALASKA!"

3) I hurt my calf a bit in the last few miles. It doesn't hurt to walk or if pushed, but it does hurt to run on. After 1.5 miles I called it quits in my first attempt at a recovery run. Guess we will see how it goes going forward.

4) I really, really want to hit 4:51 or better in Milwaukee. I want it -bad-. I think this showed that I am capable of it - with two months more training I should be able to get it and I WANT it.

5) That said, the idea of long runs sounds not so fun at the moment. Haha. I am leery of a week off smack in the middle of marathon training but especially with my calf being a jerk, I am right now planning on not running again til Sunday at Fort2Base. Hopefully that goes well. I dunno what mileage to jump into next week!

6) I did something new that worked great - I've always been a bodyglide fan, but this time I put a thin layer of vaseline over my entire foot and between my toes. Despite the rain I didn't have a single blister or hot spot. I'm sold!


  1. I hope your calf feels better now! :(

    I use Vaseline too, except in spots I don't want my tops to stain! So much cheaper! LOL

    I wouldn't want to call it a PR either, and that adjusted time doesn't really mean a whole lot, like you said! You'll get your PR at MKE :)

    1. It's still a little cranky when I turn when I run but I am otherwise okay. I tweaked it, I think just sloppy form at the end + worn out shoes + lots of ups/downs on the course. I'll be okay and truth be told I am exhausted anyway, the combo of extremes outside of running plus the marathon and travel issues and my muscles are just honestly very tired. Rest is good in multiple ways, at least!

      It is cheaper and it worked way better on my feet, I was SUPER impressed. I always seem to blister my feet so walking away with none was amazing!

      It really doesn't and it's a bummer. I know MKE should be a PR but I hope with everything going on I can still shoot for that 4:50 range. I really really want to!! But it is what it is and I'm too far along to change it now!

  2. Hi Heather! It was so great to meet you in person yesterday! I wish you a speedy recovery with your calf. Glad to hear that the Vaseline worked for preventing blisters and hotspots! I love BodyGlide, too, but at RnR Chicago last month I needed some extra help so I got some Vaseline from an aid station. Worked miracles!!!

    I have the utmost in confidence that you'll get your PR at Milwaukee. GO GET 'EM.

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on F2B yesterday. It was really humid, indeed!

    1. Nice to meet you too! I've always been a huge bodyglide fan and I wouldn't want vaseline everywhere but it worked so great for my feet and I can never get bodyglide everywhere,

      I really hope so! :D

      I am writing the recap now. It wasn't supposed to be that humid yesteday, only 70% or so, but I really think it ended up way higher. It was steaaaamy!