Saturday, September 26, 2015

Big Hollow PTO 5K - Race Recap

So the Big Hollow PTO 5k has been on my radar for a few years and just never worked out, but I knew my local Moms Run This Town chapter has talked about it a lot. This year I had it in mind, but in all fairness, I had it in mind last year too and overslept.

But this year, I did not oversleep! It was supposed to be 60s, low humidity, and partly cloudy - my running group said it had some rolling hills but it sounded similar to the difficulty of the Loop the Lakes 5K I ran in April so I figured I could still PR on it; I felt really strong coming out of the hot and heavy parts of marathon training so I figured if I had the right weather I had a pretty good shot at taking some time off my PR.

Pre-warmup selfie!

After a little confusion with road closures and being turned in a circle by the (very nice, actually!) police officer who had the road closed by the startline, I got there at 8:20 instead of my predicted 8am, but was parked, registered, and back in my car by 8:24. Conisdering registration closed at 8:30 I was pretty content! I went off to warm up and to my chagrin the temp display said 72 and it was sunny, but oh well - it was what it was and it was too late to change my mind!

At the start line I ran into a couple wonderful ladies from my running group and to my huge surprise and pleasure - I heard someone call my name and it was Kim! Despite living relatively close together, we rarely end up with races together and the only other time was when she volunteered at the North Shore Half when I ran it while pregnant. And she had Gina with her, who I have so much about on her blog that I got to make a total dork of myself by telling her I knew her, except not! Haha. /socially awkward moment

Anyway, the race started not too long after that and while it was warm I felt pretty good, the humidity was lower than I've been running in. I was planning to try to run 9:20s and figured I could scrape a PR out - it was hot enough that I didn't think I'd get a big one but I thought it would be doable if I didn't go out too fast.

The first mile went pretty good, we turned into a hairpin turnabout before getting back on the main course (which was weird, I hate turns - I always feel like I slow down!). I saw Kim here but it was such a short out and back I forgot to cheer! I hit the mile one point at 9:19 and still felt really strong, like I could pick up the pace - I was momentarily optimistic until I realized that the first mile is relatively flat. (You can see a picture of what we ran up on Kim's race recap. According to my garmin, my normal flat route is hillier - but This was tough for this flatlander!)

The first aid station was at mile 1.25, but I skipped it. I didn't want to waste the seconds to grab water, I could get it after.  Of course at the halfway point we hit a spot marked "5k turnaround" - and ran riiiiight past it. Which was mentally a little unnerving, but we hit the turnaround around 1.75. I did get to see Kim and Gina before that - I cheered for Kim and on I went! Mile two chimed in at 9:31. I was bummed to have lost that much time but it was much hillier and I still felt like I did pretty good. I felt strong, wasn't tapped out but was running hard.

We hit the second aid station around mile 2.4 (same aid station, just hit it a second time) and I skipped it again. I cheered for the ladies in my group I saw still heading to the turn around and buckled down - last mile and I was determined to go a bit faster. Well, mentally. Physically I was giving it what I had, but the 3 mile mark - thanks to all the hills, came in at 9:26. I had thought I had more in me but I'm really not used to running hills!

Final time ended up 28:53, which is 18 seconds off a PR. Not where I wanted to be but considering heat and hills, I'm very happy with how well I ran. And, I got to watch Kim dance Gangam style while we waited for the awards ceremony. (I sent her the pics. She can post them if she wants. It was hilarious.)

And as a great bonus, I took second in my age group! (Kim beat me. By a lot. Maybe some day I'll be fast!)

I took second in my AG, my MRTT chapter leader took 3rd in hers! (Yes, we wore the same shirt. Nope, not planned!)


  1. Your spits were really close! Almost even! But that was seconds over your PR, so no PR? I bet you will get it soon. Just find a flat 5K after MKE :)

    It was so nice to see you! And Gina liked what you said, hee hee. I totally forgot I was going to post the funny pics you got of me and didn't! Darn it!

    1. I was sooo close! I think on a flatter course I could have negative split, but I just didn't have it. Similar splits to my spring 5k, although at least I was a litttttttle faster in mile 2 than 3! I have to admit I am pondering another 5k. It really isn't in my entertainment budget but I am thinking anyway!

      It was awesome to see you too! Such a cool surprise!