Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Training recap - catch-up edition!

Whoops, I haven't posted a training log in a few weeks - it's because I wasn't running as much at first after Alaska as I recovered, and then I was trying to figure out if I was winging things or on a training plan or what I was doing - but I've figured it out now and will be posting about that soon. In the mean time so I don't lose the data (I reference last year's training cycle data so much more than I ever thought I would!) I better put this stuff down!

So the last few weeks -

Monday 8/17 - rest (travelling back from Alaska)

Tuesday 8/18 - rest (still travelling back from Alaska...)

Wednesday 8/19 - rest (actual rest, I was home!)

Thursday 8/20 - 1.5m @ 11:45p in 72*and 51% humidity. This was supposed to be a 3 mile recovery run - my legs felt heavy but I cut it short because my calf still ached like it did from the last few miles of the Alaska marathon. Jerk! :(  

Friday 8/21 - rest. Planning not to run until the Fort2Base and hope it is better!

Saturday 8/22 - rest.

Sunday 8/23 11.8 @ 11:17p. Fort2Base! I didn't write down the humidity but it was supposed to be wasn't. Oh well! On the plus side, the calf behaved just fine - a little tired in the first mile, but I was soon to sweaty and cement-legged that I didn't even notice it. Haha. Definitely was not recovered from the legs felt so heavy and did not want to turnover at all.

Monday 8/24 - rest. Decided to take the week off after realizing how much my body needed rest.

Tuesday 8/25 - rest (

Wednesday 8/26 - 3m @ 9:58p. Supposed to be resting but I took advantage of my husband being home to go get fitted for new shoes, since my reeboks were sending definite signs they were worn out and the model I use changed from neutral to stability. The heck?! Got Brooks Glycerin 13s and...I am in love. I forgot to even write down the weather. Lol!

Thursday 8/27 - rest. My calf felt fine and my legs were moving yesterday but I decided not to run days in a row...this is still supposed to be a week off...ish...

Friday 8/28 - 3m @ 11:07p. Ran this at a very easy pace and I .. didn't write down temperature data. GG me.

Saturday 8/29 - rest.

Sunday 8/30 rest. I thought of running today but not to...we had a family day instead and it was awesome.

Monday 8/31 - rest. I was planning to run when my husband got home from work, and he had to work late. Oops. I'll run T/W/Th this week instead I guess, and try to fit two runs in the weekend if I can..although with the holiday, not optimistic...

Tuesday 9/1 - 3m @ 11:30p in 70* and 94% humidity. I kept it easy, it was hot and humid!

Wednesday 9/2 - 5m @ 11:43p in 80* and 60% humidity. This was meant to be 5 miles but I was super struggling. When my stomach started cramping at 4.96m I was like, eh 5 is good enough. Not like me, but I also figure I'm still recovering from took almost a month after the 50k last year to find the guts to run longer than 3 last year so I figure I'm still ahead of schedule! 

Thursday 9/3 - 3m @ 10:03p in 74*and 70% humidity. Isn't it funny how some days you crawl and some days you fly? Today, I felt like I could go on forever.

Friday 9/4 - rest.

Saturday 9/5 - 16m @ 11:44p in 84* and 89% humidity. It did drop down to 75 by the end of this run but it was still hot, and I will admit, I fought with myself to finish it...I kind of wanted to cut it at 14. But I really wanted to get at least 2 3-hour+ runs in before Milwaukee or I figured I really wasn't going to be any better trained for Milwaukee than I was for Alaska, and since I have a half on 9/19 and should really be tapering the week after, I really needed this weekend to be one of those runs. My only solace was that I knew the weather was going to be drastically cooler the following week - and to be honest, I felt pretty strong for this run!

Sunday 9/6 rest. Well sort of rest. Definitely no run, but we walked around the Renaissance Fair for hours in 91*. Cross training?

So that's the past few weeks for me. Being able to pull out a strong 16 miler despite the abysmal weather helped my confidence a lot. Hopefully this weekend, when it's supposed to be a high of 62, I can rock a 20 and start counting down to Milwaukee!!


  1. Didn't they have air conditioning during the Renaissance?! Anyway, congrats on all the miles during that hot stretch we had!

    1. I wiiiiish! It was scorching!

      Thanks! I am glad it is over...low 60s and high 50s sounds just perfect to me!