Monday, September 14, 2015

Training recap

And the capstone week for Milwaukee is in the books! I took a meandering path this training cycle because of Alaska thrown in the mix, but I got there and had a solid week!

Here's how it went -

Monday 9/7 - rest. I was planning to run when my husband got home from work, and he had to work late. Oops. I'll run T/W/Th this week instead I guess, and try to fit two runs in the weekend if I can..although with the holiday, not optimistic...

Tuesday 9/8 - 3m @ 11:41p in 79* and 90% humidity. The real-feel was 88 for this run. Yuck! I kept it slow and did what I needed to in order to finish, and promised myself - no more hot runs because the heat wave was supposed to break the next day! 

Wednesday 9/9 - 3m @ 10:16p in 72* and pouring rain. I love running in the rain! It's honestly my favourite thing ever. Especially when it's 70* - it feels like running through a shower! This was supposed to be a 6 mile run today but due to child issues I could only squeeze in 3 miles while I had my husband home for lunch. I figured I'd do 6 the next day.

Thursday 9/10 6m @ 11:56p in 69*and 82% humidity. This stroller run was SO hard! And I think I know why - my tires are out of air. Oops. It's the first time I've used this since spring. We're going to take it to the gas station and reinflate the tires this weekend. Hopefully the stroller run will be much easier next week!

Friday 9/11 - 6m @ 9:52p in 64* and 72% humidity. This run went amazing! It would have been better if it rained like it was supposed to but it was breezy and overcast and my last mile was my second or third sub-9 mile since I hurt my knee. AMAZING! I felt so strong, like I could have kept running for miles, too. 

Saturday 9/12 - 4.54m @ 11:33p in 62* and 50% humidity. This was supposed to be my 20 miler - my capstone run of marathon training, the pièce de résistance. And the weather could not have been more gorgeous. Overcast, no humidity, and low 60s. SO PERFECT. But the baby started waking me up at 4am, I woke up with a migraine, and my husband was doing furniture moving because we were getting new couches so when I couldn't run in the morning and then didn't get home until 4, which is late to start a run like this. (I've done later, but I hadn't planned on missing the whole day with him.) I tried - I really did - but my legs felt so dead. By 3.5 miles in I was thinking about quitting because my legs felt like we were at the end of a long run...not the beginning. But he didn't answer the phone. I took it as a sign to keep going and did another mile...and then called it. This was not working. I was in tears because I didn't understand what was wrong. I was hydrated, I was fed, and the weather was perfect. I was also panicking. If I didn't get my 20 in - I'll have only done one real long run (when did I stop considering 12miles a long run?!) since Alaska. How was I supposed to do Milwaukee like that?! 

Sunday 9/13 - 20m @ 11:15p in 60-68 with negligible humidity. I was so nervous going into this run. What if it failed too? What if I couldn't get it in and I was doomed for Milwaukee? What if it being so much sunnier and warmer meant I death marched? The what-ifs plagued me and I stalled getting out the door, but finally made it out the door and just...ran. I slowed down the first couple miles out of nerves, running them in the 12ish range out of paranoia that I ... what? Blazed in speed and burned myself out in my attempt at a long run yesterday? I dunno, but I soon relaxed and settled into an 11ish pace, right on target. It was sunny which felt warm but the breeze mostly kept me cool and with all the experience from the summer I had running warm, it was okay! I'd been thinking about fueling issues I had during Alaska and Kim's advice about thinking I was underfueled, and changed my usual fuel strategy - I switched to gels and took one every 5 miles. And for the most part - this run went really well. I had plenty of miles right on target at 11, I had plenty sub-11s ranging from 10:30 to 10:50, and I had a couple 12s when I took a walk break. But for the most part, this run went really, really well and I think it was a great high note to start taper on!

Total: 42.54 miles run and tons of miles walked. I forgot to mention this but I totalled up my walking miles two weeks ago and realized I'm walking 20-30 miles a week...walking to parks with the kids, walking for different errands, and just walking to go for family walks because we usually do a 1-2 mile family walk each night with the kids and I usually do a 2 mile walk with the baby every morning because he gets antsy if we stay inside too long. I wasn't walking any unlogged miles last year so I do wonder how that will affect Milwaukee since I plan to try to taper those too.


  1. Way to get that long run done Heather! I so know what you mean about the odds of getting a run in fading the later it gets. Luckily Sunday's weather was almost just as good as Saturday.

    1. Thanks! I was so worried but it ended up being such a solid run. I was happy to be done but the idea of doing 6 more didn't feel crazy. I definitely feel like I am going into Milwaukee stronger than I did for Alaska!

  2. I am happy the second long run attempt went so well! :) And that it helped to fuel more often. I don't understand the people who don't need to fuel - that's so opposite from me! I finally figured out my marathon fueling strategy last year, and am so happy I did :)

    Hope you get air in those tires, LOL!

    1. I am too. I was in such a panic. Long runs go bad sometimes - I've had that happen - but it's not supposed to be for the 20 and if you have to miss one I really didn't want it to be this one!

      Honestly I am not sure I felt a huge different with more calories for the 20, but I am thinking I will feel it for the marathon. This is a decent sized calorie bump, I actually took in more calories on my long run this weekend than I took on the marathon and I'll add at least one more gel during the marathon so it'll be a 30% bump. I am hopeful! I did okay last year but this year I don't know why but I definitely think looking back you're right - I need more!

      Lol yes. That was embarrassing. I realized the 3 tires were all TOTALLY flat. Oops.