Friday, October 9, 2015

Post marathon brain dump

Just like last time my brain still seems to be whirling, so here's another brain dump.

1) I got my PR. I'm glad. So why do I feel like it's not a time worth being proud of? Sometimes I annoy myself, I ran a marathon and still have this feeling like my time isn't "good enough", that "real" marathoners can run faster, can run in the 4:30s, blah blah blah. I've done this before, that "real" runners can do a 5k under 30 and a half under 2:25 and blah blah. Why, when I should be celebrating, am I having a bout of insecurity? Rationally I know that's nonsense and I did well. I met my goal, I finished and stayed strong for most of it. Why am I torturing myself because I hit my limit at 23 miles? I know that will get better the more of them I do. I will get better at this. It's only my third marathon, there's no way I can figure out how to have run them perfectly. And yet I just feel so slow. Like I should be able to be faster, stronger...bleh.

2) On the plus side, zero hot spots or blisters or chafing. I had two blisters from the Indy Women's Half (speedwalking is hard) that got irritated, but no new ones.

3) On another plus side, no injuries either! At Alaska I tweaked my calf and had to rest for a week, but while I am still super sore (hip flexors, quads/hamstrings) I have no injury tweaks - just muscle soreness. That's good!

4) I am sooooo tired this week, but I am not sick. Everyone in my house has had a cold for the past two weeks - except me. I was paranoid convinced that I was going to be running Milwaukee with a cold. I guess this was karma for the 50k I ran with a chest cold!

5) I don't know why, but I'm frustrated that the race has super nice finisher merchandise. The finisher jacket looks really nice, and I could see myself wearing it. But buying it costs as much as the race itself. Which, isn't a huge deal - I bought a similar souvenir after Chicago - but the race shirt for Milwaukee is so awful I feel like it's unwearable. My Chicago shirt wasn't amazing but it's wearable at least, and my Alaska shirt is actually pretty nice. I feel like if I want something to remember Milwaukee by I have to spend a ton of money, and that is frustrating. I'm okay with boring race shirts but ones that unwearable are uncool!

6) It took a long time for the soreness from Sunday to go away. I still had some in my quads on Thursday morning..for both previous marathons it was gone by Wednesday when I woke up. I don't remember how I felt after the 50k but since I was so sick that's not surprising. Alaska was a harder course and I was less trained, although it was a mile shorter. I would have expected to have less soreness this time so I'm surprised.

7) My husband is very patiently waiting to ask me to run the Honolulu marathon this December. The reason I was able to do Alaska and what makes Hawaii feasible is that for 2015 I have free flight benefits because my husband's best friend works for an airline - so we wouldn't be paying for the flight. He's smart enough to wait for me to recover from Milwaukee before asking me to consider it, but I know it's coming. Hawaii sounds amazing. Right now I'm not sure another marathon does though, although we'd be doing it together at his pace. Decisions...


  1. I was wondering about why you did AK, at all. Now I know. LOL. Is there not a half at Hawaii? Can you not spectate?

    This is BS you are thinking your time is not worth being proud of. Guess who decides what is worth being proud of to you? ONLY YOU. So quit with the comparison BS. And I would be amazed if anyone EVER ran a perfect marathon. Yes, they will get better as you go. It took me quite a few to figure out what worked for me (and four years). Be patient. You don't train for these overnight, or figure them out overnight, either.

    You are sore because of the camber of the road and rolling hills. Doesn't matter that it was longer! That will tear you up! It's good you are just sore without injuries and didn't have chafing :)

    1. No half and part of what he wants is to essentially "see" it together for hours. I think it'll be half running, half hiking because of the weather. And lol! Yes that's why. We couldn't have afforded it otherwise. And even with the flights Hawaii is still expensive but it's also, again, sort of once in a lifetime. I will probably do it...there's no time limit, so just enjoy the experience I think. I think.

      I know it's BS! :( I know. I'm having this random bout of absolute insecurity though, I'm not sure why. Even if it mattered, which it doesn't, I was far from the slowest out there. I was close to the goal I set and well within the actual time goal I set. I'm not sure where the insecurity is coming from but I bet it has nothing to do with running and I'm just projecting it here. Frustrating!

      I'm happy there was no chafing too since I wasn't smart and jumped in an epsom bath when I got home without checking. That would have stung, haha!

  2. I think you have to do Honolulu. I'm still kicking myself for not running London when I lived there. If opportunity knocks, open the door.
    When the Caveman turned 40 we celebrated with a trip to Maui and he ran the Maui half. Yes, he was the runner back then. I was 3 months preggo.

    1. I know, I feel like I will regret it if I pass it up! I felt that way with Alaska too and I am so glad I did it.