Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Running obsession?

Runners obsess over lots of things. Medals (and I do), shirts, shoes...all normal.

I realized I seem to have an odd collection though. I was organizing my gear and realized I could run every day of a week and not have to rewear any headbands...

Left column, bottom to top - plain teal, MRTT aqua, Super Mom light pink, Sub30 club spandex hot pink
Right column, bottom to top - Pain is Temporary Pride is Forever yellow, Gotta Run! olive, Suck it up buttercup light green, tye dye print spandex

But in my defense, they're awesome, and I reach for one for every run and every race. I sweat a lot and they help keep me from feeling yucky - if I forget, I end up with wet hair and it just feels so gross. They may not be the most fashion savvy accessory, but I seem to keep ending up with more. I honestly thought I only had a couple and was debating buying another.

However, I probably don't need one.

Even if the baby likes them too.


  1. my obsession is headbands, too! i was rounding up all my sparkly soul headbands a couple of weeks ago and i thought i had 3 or 4...nope, 9! and i still want more haha

  2. I wore my Run Like a Mother headband today. Except I was on my bike. Ooops!