Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Fitness Flashback

I've really been loving mapmyrun's new thing lately - I get "fitness flashbacks" emailed to me. The email will have a workout I did a year ago, two years ago, or three years ago so I can remember what I was doing a year ago. It's been neat. and it's surprising how often I remember the details of those runs! You'd think they'd blur together but honestly, I usually look at it and go, "Oh hey, that was the day where I ______!"

And usually the workouts are something like - hey, here's this awesome marathon you ran last year! Check out this time you PR'ed your half!

But today's was different. Today flashed me back 3 years, to the very first time I saw double digits on a run.

I called it my "Accidental 10 miler" because I had meant to run 9. My first planned 10 was supposed to be the week after, at the Perfect 10 10 miler. But I got lost. At that time, I didn't my neighborhood paths very well and I got turned around and PANIC LOST. I ended up on a road I hadn't seen before and it took an entire mile to get back on track. I still didn't believe I could eat or drink on a run, because I was convinced I was a special snowflake whose stomach just "couldn't" do it. I was lost and so afraid I was going to make a total idiot of myself.

But I did it. My pace was 13:46 and I think I was walking 5, running 2 at that point. That was a rockstar pace for me back then. I was so proud when I finished that run. I'm still proud I finished that run! It gave me confidence that I could finish my first long distance race. It gave me confidence that I didn't have limits I couldn't push.

Looking back, it makes me realize just how far I've come. If you had told me that day that I'd go on to run 3 marathons and a 50k in the next few years, I would have laughed. But I did it!

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