Tuesday, March 10, 2015

*blows dust off the blog*

*peeks around*


Yeah, I haven't posted in months. I have two races - Muddy Monk Chiller 5k and Polar Dash 5/10/1m - that I never recapped.

The truth is, I ran yesterday for the first time in 10 weeks. Not for lack of motivation, but because the injury to my knee was worse than I'd thought; I had a minor tear to the cartilage in my knee from the fall back in November.

The bad news - it hurt. I didn't rest enough the first time and it didn't heal fully, so after the Polar Dash, I had to come to a complete halt.

I also couldn't work out. I probably could have figured something out, but there were days I could barely walk.

I gained 10lbs while hurt - a combination of sudden abrupt lack of physical activity and well, eating all the emotions. Oops. I picked up p90x (modifying for my knee as needed) and have made good progress there; I've gained a lot of strength in the interim and that's good. It didn't help with my weight, but it did cut inches.

The good news is, I ran yesterday for the first time - only 2 miles - but it was pain free. Completely pain free. And while it wasn't my fastest run ever, I was worried with that much time off I'd be back to the couch to 5k, but while it wasn't the easiest run ever...I've had harder.

I feel encouraged. I have to modulate myself because I have this urge to run all the miles, and I know that's not a smart way to get back after an injury. I'm going to take it slow and ease in. But I feel encouraged.