Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Looking at 2015 and forward to 2016

With the full race schedules I had in 2014 and 2015 it's been strange to realize I have only a single race currently on the schedule for 2016 - the Soldier Field 10 miler in May. But there's definitely more to come.

In 2015 I had wanted a few things from my runs - a sub 29 5k, sub 60 10k, and a sub 5 hour marathon.

For 5ks, I hit the 28 range for 5ks not just once but twice - at the Loop the Lakes in April and Big Hollow in September. Success!

There's no smiling in hilly 5ks!

The marathon was a tease - I ran a 4:45 in Alaska in August, but that course ended up just shy of a mile short. I would have hit my sub-5 goal, but alas - you can't count a short course! However, I ran a 4:48 in Milwaukee a couple months later which was pretty sweet.

The 10k I fell short on, primarily because I only ran it once and I was sick enough to not be anywhere close to my normal race pace. Which is sincerely unfortunate. The 1:04 at Monster Dash was good enough for a significant PR but alas - no sub 60!

Which brings me to 2016. I have a few goals -

1) 5k - sub 28. I've got this. My PR is 28:35 and I think on a flat course I can easily pull a 27:59. Well..maybe not easily. But I think this is attainable.

2) 10k - sub 60. I need to FIND a 10k. Preferably flat. Oddly, it's easier to find almost any other distance except 10 mile...which brings me to:

3) 10 mile - I've been jonesing for a real 10m pr since 2014, because my only actual 10m race was wayyyy back when I was new to running, and I have since run halfs faster. I need to update that. Hello, Soldier Field 10! I'm really hoping to do this in 1:38 or less - my half PR is 2:11, so I think this is doable, but I need to keep up on speedwork.

4) Marathon - I want 4:39:59. That's 8 minutes under my current PR, and I think it's doable. This year I need to keep speedwork as I continue to up my mileage - not ditch it. Ahem.

With all that in mind - it's time to put together a racing calendar! FUN!


  1. the 10k that happens during the spring half marathon on May 22nd is super flat, and the whole event is usually great!

  2. Awesome 2015! You can totally accomplish those goals this year! The Zion ZeeBee races are hella flat if you want to go north for a 5K :)

    1. Those are on my radar - I need a day my husband is home early though, the times conflicted last I looked. But I've heard awesome things about them!