Saturday, May 14, 2016

Maniac status: Go!

Well, I quit waffling and decided to go for it - I feel good, my legs feel good, and the weather is almost 20 degrees cooler tomorrow than it was last week. Gods willing, next time I post I'll have qualified for the Marathon Maniacs and can stop thinking about it!

My goals for tomorrow: Smile, stay uninjured, and finish. I have no time goals, no pace goals. I am just going to have fun.Super bonus is coming in around 5, but hey - if I cross that finishline it's a good day!


  1. How did it go??? Hope you had a great race yesterday! :)

    1. I'm writing the recap now! I did it! I am tired and sore but I did it! Which is hard to believe still. I think I wanted to qualify more than I realized, I am glad I went ahead and did it.