Thursday, May 12, 2016

Post Marathon Brain Dump - Kalamazoo edition

So as is a somewhat regular habit, I have thoughts and stuff after Kalamazoo this weekend. In no particular order -

  • I'm shocked how okay I felt the whole time. I know it wasn't really a challenging pace, but I expected it to hurt a whole lot worse than it did. I was drastically undertrained - shouldn't this have killed me? I either didn't lose as much fitness as I thought I did (thanks bronchitis) or the slower pace took away a lot of the impact. Once again, I didn't really start hurting much at all until after the 5 hour mark, so maybe my body is just okay until that point? I hurt at the end of Milwaukee but I was pushing it a whole lot harder there. 

  • On a related note, it was hot and I am super super happy with how well I did with the heat. Hot and sunny when I've had exactly no runs in the sun and it hasn't been more than 50 when I've run? Usually no thank you. It was 67-68* and sunny for most of the race and while that isn't terrible, it's definitely a lot harder than the 30s-50s that my few outdoor runs had been at. I think running in my garage has helped me hold onto my heat adaption here - I talked about this a little bit in my Hawaii recap but it's frickin hot in my garage and there's no air flow because there's no fan. I sweat SO badly when I use my treadmill because of this and it sucks, but I guess the suck pays dividends? I can't think what else to attribute this to. 

  • Speaking of sun...yeah, I may have had inadequate sunblock on.
I can't imagine what makes you think I didn't have enough sunblock on. Ignore my glow-in-the-dark striping.
  • I'm thinking Marathon Maniac thoughts again. My husband became eligible after Kalamazoo because he'd run Oklahoma two weeks prior. The thing is, I can't put my finger on why I want to join - just that the thought keeps staying in the back of my head. It just looks so nice to have MM members shouting at each other on course to support each other. Part of it is I feel SO okay right now that I think I could putz my way through another one this weekend or next weekend. (Currently pondering the Chicagoland Spring Marathon and the Rockford Marathon.) I'm not in shape to race or PR and in a way that makes it even more tempting than it was before; I can ONLY go and have fun. And I did have fun last weekend. Mile 25 sucked, but I don't think I've had a race where mile 25 didn't suck, other than possibly Alaska because it was short a mile. My only spring goal had been to PR the 5k and run a sub-10 Soldier Field 10 miler, but with being sick derailing me for so long the focus has shifted to just having fun and chasing PRs in the fall. So, this would be fun. (I think.)

  • We didn't take enough pictures this weekend! We always take a bunch when we go run a race together...but I guess somehow Michigan wasn't exciting? I mean obviously Anchorage and Honolulu were super exciting but it's so rare we get to go take a weekend without the kids....I wish we'd taken more pictures together. 


  1. Y'know, I'm about to qualify for Half Fanatics and with my first marathon on the calendar for October, Marathon Maniacs has come up a couple times... But I don't know WHY I'd want to join. I can't find any benefits other than "there are other people too!" If I got a shirt when I joined (and didn't have to pay extra) I'd totally be in, but I don't think that happens. I know lots of people at races, and there's nothing stopping me from meeting new people every time, so I don't really feel a need to pay money to meet people at races... Dunno, I'm so on the fence...

    1. No, shirts are extra. And yeah - I am SO on the fence. I know there are race discounts, but I can't imagine I race enough for that to be worth it. I guess I just love the sense of community I see. I'm super shy and don't easily talk to strangers (except online, apparently...I feel like there should be a moral here, somewhere!) so it's not a benefit I'm going to gain on my own.

      It's expensive though. For sure.

    2. I had race discounts through my CARA membership and I never remembered to use them. I had even printed the list and kept it next to my computer so I would see it, and STILL forgot. Meh. Meh...