Friday, May 27, 2016

Soldier Field 10 miler - pre-race

So when I initially planned and registered for this race, the plan had been a winter of speedwork and I was aiming for a sub-10 pace (1:39:59 or less). That should have been VERY doable; my PR hm is 10:01 pace and was set in summer.

Initially, we had talked about the kids being somewhere else - probably grandparents.

Initially, this was supposed to be 2 months after a 5k pr attempt.

Of course, bronchitis knocked me out of running for months. I could barely keep up running - and got put on enforced rest for a while - nevermind speedwork. It was a while before I could even start doing long runs again.

In short, I am in no way shape or form set for the pace I wanted to run. Add in the fact that it went from late winter to hello summer pretty much over night, I should still have a PR because I really have almost nothing at this distance (my current PR is slower than my half But it's going to be a struggle.

At this point, I think realistically I need to hope for 1:49:59 or better, be okay if it's anything under 1:59:59, and be super happy if it's 1:45 or better. It's going to be hot and humid (although cloudy).

And honestly, I don't even really remember why I registered for this race. I hate going into the city and there is a serious chip on my shoulder telling to forget it and just stay home. I need to turn myself around, get in a better headspace, but man...I'm going to be getting up at 4am to go run.

What about you? How do you get yourself about a race that's lost its charm for you?


  1. Good luck tomorrow! If a race is going to be too hot and humid I seriously consider staying on the couch and cranking the A/C!

  2. It has definitely crossed my mind! But I'm up so I may as well go. I guess...