Monday, June 20, 2016

School thoughts

Ahhh. How is that I am now less than a month away from starting school? (Fall quarter 1 starts in July, go figure.) I had so much time and and and and...crap!

Not that I've been wasting my time - I've completed entrance loan counseling, crunched numbers and accepted an appropriate amount of financial aid, researched and purchased my text books, completed my orientation class, and been studying/reviewing statistics. Still to go: Set up direct deposit for when financial aid comes in (note to self: do today) and get a laptop for school. That's it.

So I mean...I've budgeted my time correctly. It's just...going so quickly. In a month I'm going to be a full time grad student. I am going to be working on something I have wanted for a really, really long time.

It's kind of intimidating. This is one of the biggest life decisions I've made in years and I feel like I'm just hurtling towards it. Because I don't have the syllabus for any of my classes yet, I can't predict the workload or how the time pattern of the class is going to change my days, my weeks. I'm excited, but I'm terrified!

But everything starts somewhere, right?

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