Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Life in memes

School started yesterday and I've been a little scatterbrained so haven't been posting as much as I've been meaning to. So here's a quick recap of life lately, told in memes.

1) Double facepalm

I spent the last week looking desperately for a library book, annoyed I was going to have to renew it even though I'd finished reading it. Went online today to renew and discovered it wasn't checked out anymore. Apparently I'd returned it already...on June 21.

2) Humid bunny

This pretty much sums up running. I'm still streaking, today was day 16 and I have had plenty of 95%+ humidity runs. The good thing about morning workouts is how good I feel the rest of the day...but even though the temp is higher in the evenings, the lower humidity makes those runs soooo much easier.

3) I don't want to live on this planet

Last night at the RNC, Melania Trump gave a speech that directly plagiarized Michelle Obama's 08 speech AND rick-rolled everyone. I'm not even going to comment, because really, that's enough said.

4) Don't worry, I got this

I met all my class mates yesterday. Most of them are c-suite level executives and while I was in a managerial position when I worked full time - or I wouldn't have gotten into the program - it's sliiiightly intimidating. And by slightly I mean a lot. I just need to remind myself that qualifications to be in the program don't mean they're going to be better students than I am...but it doesn't stop me from feeling a little bit like this:

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Pokemon Go go go!

So Pokemon Go came out last week and like a lot of people, my family and I are ob-sess-ing. (Most of us. My husband thinks the concept is neat but doesn't dig the critters. Fair enough. The kids and I are geeking out though.)

I mean, I grew up in the 90s. The idea of leaving my house and finding pokemon out in the wild was the stuff of dreams. It's something only good fanfic writers even really got to imagine. And now? I mean man - we got this!

Plus, we can take awesome silly pictures like this:

How is that NOT fun?

And even better, it's getting people moving. Even people with anxiety and depression who often find it challenging to leave the house. Beyond it being such a fun concept to find things in the real world through your phone, I'm a huge fan of anything that gets people moving. Seriously, in a culture of couch potatoes, I absolutely love that this game rewards you for moving! Some of the eggs in the game only hatch once you walk 10k - that may not be much to runners, but to a lot of Americans that's intense. I'm such a huge fan.

What I'm not a huge fan of is the hate. While the game isn't without its dangers - watch where you walk, not your screen, and for goodness sake use common sense (being aware of your surroundings while outside is something we should do no matter what we're doing, pokemon or not) - it has some haters who just can't seem to stand it. For whatever reason, they don't like it. And that's fine - I am of the mindset that I can like something you don't and you can like something I don't and we can still co-exist peacefully, even if you're wrong. (Just kidding!) I don't have a problem with that. I am a big fan of "And it harm none do as ye will."

But some people are awful threatened by it, to the point where they're ridiculing people who play, actively encouraging people not, and when that doesn't work, trying to shame them into avoiding it. "Grow up, pokemon is for little kids." "Grown men who play pokemon should turn in their man cards." "This has to stop, people are walking around everywhere."

And that I have a huge problem with. First, the gender argument is ludicrous - completely. Plenty of men play pokemon, the games, the cards, and maybe they even watch the show. If you don't want to play, fine, but you don't get to start using making the argument that something you don't like isn't manly because that necessarily implies that manly is better than the alternative. That automatically defines those who are feminine or androgynous as less and come on people - it's 2016. You can do better than that. Second, why do people feel the need to lessen other people's happiness? If you don't like it, don't play. Other people do like it. Are you so threatened by someone else's joy that you have to demean it? Why would you make fun of people for playing a video game? Does it hurt you?

I'm not sure where this is from - if you know I'd love to credit them.

Come on people. Spread joy - not grumpiness!

Unless it's grumpy cat. Always spread grumpy cat.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Run streak, school, and training

So my classes opened up today and I got a good look at what I can expect my workload to look like. And...it's high! It has me rethinking my ability to train for a marathon this year; if I can do it, I'm not going to be able to do it as well as I want. I just won't have the extra hours. Marathon training is time intense and as much as I enjoy running...I am not sure how much extra time I am going to have to devote to it now. I may end up revising to training hard for a half - still something I really want to do but not as much of a time-hog.

And yet on the other hand running is important to me and something I want to make sure I make time for. It's my active meditation, my true me-time. I may not be able to find a lot of time, but I don't want to neglect it either - and I don't want to forget myself either. So, I'm going to try to streak the holidays - run at least a mile every day. My promise to myself. I love running in general but running and I have had mojo disagreements lately - and while I think some of it might have been weather related, I have been reminding myself that we're not even at the height of the heat yet. The only way out is through, right? So I've been running every day, with #day8 being this morning, and last week something weird happened. I found my runner's high again. Last night's run I had planned at 3 and ended up going for 5 because I felt so amazing. The weather hasn't shifted, but it's like a weight fell off my chest - suddenly I'm running faster and feeling good again. Who even knows - but I'll take it!

What about you - have you ever streaked?

Monday, July 4, 2016

Indiana Dunes State Park

So last weekend we met my best friend to go hiking in the Indiana Dunes State Park. (Of course, she thought we were there for the beach, but my husband failed to tell me there was a beach...that however is another story!)

Playing on the beach I didn't know about.

We of course picked the day it was supposed to hit 90; it ended up hitting 95. We were melting, but the hiking trails there were gorgeous. In milder weather I'd love to run there some day. We did trail 9, which was about 4 miles and mostly flat with a couple decent sandy dunes to hike up. (Not as bad as trail 8, which is a 1.5m trail that's known as the 3 dune challenge...maybe some day!)

 At the top of a dune with a great view of the lake.

The great thing about hiking there was how varied this trail was. We had sandy dunes that were like climbing beaches, and shadowed humid forests with a tiny buggy trail to make it through, and boardwalk planks. It was supposed to be the trail most representative of what the park as a whole is like.
The baby hiked about a mile and a half, but most of the time he was in arms or on my back.

Despite the heat, it was actually a lovely day. My 7 year old hiked about 6 miles and thoroughly impressed me - I had been a little nervous about her doing the whole thing, but she was totally a trooper.

All done. Whew!

All in all I had fun and I'd love to go back...but probably on a milder day! It was $12 for us out of staters but I think my best friend only had to pay $7. Highly recommend it - and if I'd had a swimsuit, the beach was GORGEOUS!