Monday, July 4, 2016

Indiana Dunes State Park

So last weekend we met my best friend to go hiking in the Indiana Dunes State Park. (Of course, she thought we were there for the beach, but my husband failed to tell me there was a beach...that however is another story!)

Playing on the beach I didn't know about.

We of course picked the day it was supposed to hit 90; it ended up hitting 95. We were melting, but the hiking trails there were gorgeous. In milder weather I'd love to run there some day. We did trail 9, which was about 4 miles and mostly flat with a couple decent sandy dunes to hike up. (Not as bad as trail 8, which is a 1.5m trail that's known as the 3 dune challenge...maybe some day!)

 At the top of a dune with a great view of the lake.

The great thing about hiking there was how varied this trail was. We had sandy dunes that were like climbing beaches, and shadowed humid forests with a tiny buggy trail to make it through, and boardwalk planks. It was supposed to be the trail most representative of what the park as a whole is like.
The baby hiked about a mile and a half, but most of the time he was in arms or on my back.

Despite the heat, it was actually a lovely day. My 7 year old hiked about 6 miles and thoroughly impressed me - I had been a little nervous about her doing the whole thing, but she was totally a trooper.

All done. Whew!

All in all I had fun and I'd love to go back...but probably on a milder day! It was $12 for us out of staters but I think my best friend only had to pay $7. Highly recommend it - and if I'd had a swimsuit, the beach was GORGEOUS!


  1. Looks like a great place to go... to swim! LOL! JK. Maybe hike on a cooler day. I hope you get to go back!

    1. It would have been gorgeous to swim and I highly recommend the beach, LOL! But it was very pretty, I think in more ... comfortable? ... weather it would have been an amazing trip!

  2. I had no idea there was hiking there! All I've ever known about the dunes is that there's a beach! (and I think that Ernest Hemingway went fishing there when he lived in Oak Park - yay random trivia)