Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Life in memes

School started yesterday and I've been a little scatterbrained so haven't been posting as much as I've been meaning to. So here's a quick recap of life lately, told in memes.

1) Double facepalm

I spent the last week looking desperately for a library book, annoyed I was going to have to renew it even though I'd finished reading it. Went online today to renew and discovered it wasn't checked out anymore. Apparently I'd returned it already...on June 21.

2) Humid bunny

This pretty much sums up running. I'm still streaking, today was day 16 and I have had plenty of 95%+ humidity runs. The good thing about morning workouts is how good I feel the rest of the day...but even though the temp is higher in the evenings, the lower humidity makes those runs soooo much easier.

3) I don't want to live on this planet

Last night at the RNC, Melania Trump gave a speech that directly plagiarized Michelle Obama's 08 speech AND rick-rolled everyone. I'm not even going to comment, because really, that's enough said.

4) Don't worry, I got this

I met all my class mates yesterday. Most of them are c-suite level executives and while I was in a managerial position when I worked full time - or I wouldn't have gotten into the program - it's sliiiightly intimidating. And by slightly I mean a lot. I just need to remind myself that qualifications to be in the program don't mean they're going to be better students than I am...but it doesn't stop me from feeling a little bit like this:

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